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This is one mom’s experience following the 3 Day Potty Training method by Lora Jensen. The slogan on the e-book is “Start Friday, done Sunday!” It better be that easy! Lora also makes it clear that as long as the child is over 22 months old, he or she is ready to be potty-trained.
8am: We discussed with Cora the fact that she is such a big girl that we can throw away ALL of her diapers and that she now gets to wear undies!!! Afternoon: Have you read Parenthood: The High Highs and the Low Lows? The transition from nap time to the afternoon is an example of what the article talks about! She sat on my lap and watched ABC videos on YouTube, and I’m sure she could feel my tension.
Afternoon: Again, we had several reminders for her regarding telling us when she has to go. In her e-book, she says, “Don’t be discouraged if it hasn’t clicked by the end of day 1. I don’t mean to laugh at your misery but this was too funny and I couldn’t stop reading it! I’m also really glad you shared this as we despise potty training and will be doing it again before we know it. Three days cooped up with our EXTREMELY stubborn three-year-old, and this method failed miserably!
The fact that all of my girlfriends used this method and bragged that their kids were accident-free by lunch on Day 2 makes me want to throw up in my mouth. At this point, I am not in a hurry to potty train…but in 6 months, I might be singing a different tune. I'm a fitness professional, running coach, clean-eating connoisseur, United States Marine Corps veteran and mom of 3 awesome kids who know how to laugh at themselves (well, not the baby -- he's super serious). Many parents find the included personal mentoring and consultations an invaluable component to their purchase because they get a timely response that directly addresses their problem.
In a consultation, on the other hand, the subtleties and nuances as they relate to your particular situation can be identified and emphasized. This is an intense program - not so much for the child, but for you: no shopping, no visiting with friends and no "me" time.
My eBook does have a section on how you can include your spouse or the child's caregiver in your efforts. After purchasing the eBook, your helpdesk account is instantly created to allow you to post your questions. My method accomodates children with a wide range of personalities, temperaments and developmental challenges. I am kicking and screaming all the way to this day as any mother of a diaper wearing toddler will tell you that diapers are easier. So that is my plan for the weekend, no blogging, no painting of furniture just quality potty time all the time with Mr.
What I do know is that I want him to feel safe with me and to know that he can confide in me, I want to model compassion and I want, above all, for him to know that I love him very, very much and that my love is not conditional upon anything.
The Mindful Parenting eBundle* will be available from May 28th-June 10th and consists of 21 different titles, each by well-esteemed parenting authors.
If you haven’t been to Zoo Miami yet, you must visit this beautiful, one-of-a-kind zoo.
A special thank you to the Happy Family Brands who help make the Zoo Miami play dates possible! January 16, 2013 By Bianca After a few hints from Eli that he was ready to be done with his amazingly cute cloth diapers (that I may or may not be ready to give up just yet…), I decided to start looking into potty-training.
On Day 1, he had several accidents (maybe 7?), but seemed to take to the potty really well.
December 1, 2012 By Bianca December 1st…  Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner? Note:  The vanilla is ready to be used once it turns a nice golden-brown color, which takes about 2-3 months.
This week’s free printable is another good one for a home management binder or to keep right there on the refrigerator. This is a wonderful way to give back and to teach your kids about the troops who serve our country. The address and details of the candy give-back program can be found here, under section 3a. Once we get back home, I look it up and sure enough the CDC warns about children under 5 handling turtles because they most likely carry salmonella.

After entering my own form of mommy-mode nearly two years ago, I have been feeling a like I need to force myself to think and speak like an adult again. Whether you're expecting your first baby or you're a seasoned mother of five, I hope you find moral support within these pages and some useful information along the way. Tools & tips to help you survive potty training your toddler without completely losing your mind. We've all experienced the sheer horror of a pintrocity, and let's be honest: ain't nobody got time for that.
We sure were good at cleaning up by this point, and we had gone through a LOT of paper towels.
We stopped liquid intake 2 hours before nap time, and she actually didn’t go potty during nap time! I liked this one, because we have a tight schedule (finding 3 days where at least one of us would be home was very difficult). We did try it on him in July, but soon discovered that because his intestines are blocked with waste, we needed to give him a remedy of Miralax and probiotics before trying again.
I’m Darcy, and I'm here to inspire you with the notion that you CAN have it all (without doing it all). I authored the eBook, 3 Day Potty Training, to help make toilet training go by quickly and completely. I don't give just 1 or two sentence responses, but several paragraphs to help make sure you understand how to correctly implement the principles.
You may ask as many questions as you need - even year after year - but the helpdesk will not permit you to have more than one ticket open at any given time. In my method, you are to communicate a single instruction to your child and you are to remain upbeat and positive. There many potty trainig methods out there that claim to be a 3 day method that have your child running around naked or running to the toilet every time a timer rings. If you run into problems, one-on-one mentoring is available to help you and your child through this transition. It’s a great deal and covers a wide range of topics, suitable for both new and veteran moms. You will soon have way too much candy sitting around your house, tempting you every second of every day to EAT IT ALL UP!
The convenience of this program is pretty ideal; you can download the e-book and get to using ASAP! Again, convenience is key! This will not only help you when it comes time for laundry, but sources* say your stress levels will be happily low. This product is great because it makes the toilet a child-friendly size, and it’s easily removable from the toilet and is simple to manage.
It’s best to be prepared with lots of cleaning products, and hand sanitizer is probably the most important.
She has been enthralled with underwear for a while now, so I knew this would be a BIG moment for her! Joel left for school, and there I was left with two kids, one who is sure to pee on me at any second. In fact, she waited until I was feeding Benson to stand right next to me and pee into a big puddle on the ground. I will use a towel to clean it up on carpet, but I just can’t seem to bring myself to make all of our towels pee-soaked. I actually ended up sticking with the program for a few more days, and now my daughter is diaper-free, even at night. There is a 1-day method I’ve heard some people use, but I can bet that wouldn’t have worked for Cora, because she went over the 3 days! Parents who follow a written, proven potty training method conclude their potty training efforts dramatically sooner than those who do not. Scolding, making the child "try", punishing, or giving negative reinforcement of any kind are not part of my method.
Beat the temptation and show our troops some love by participating in Operation Gratitude’s Halloween Candy Give-Back program. Truly, anything that makes this process less complicated is wonderful, including this award-winning potty. Cheerios are actually super helpful when it comes to teaching boys how to aim when they pee. But really, if you’re not above bribing your kid with treats to get them to learn how to use the potty appropriately, go for it. We told her that if she needs to go to pee-pee or poo-poo, that she needs to tell Mommy or Daddy so we can go to the bathroom together.

The idea is that the child finishes going potty on the toilet, which you can praise them for. Jensen mentioned in the book that her son didn’t get the hang of it until the end of Day 3. Although her sheets were DRY (YAY!), there was a pee puddle on the outside of our bedroom door. The method focuses on encouraging the child to keep their underwear dry and tell the parents when they have to go. Obviously there’s no need to overdo it, but sometimes a little sweet incentive can go a long way.
We rolled up the floor rugs and congratulated ourselves on the fact that we chose hard floors for most of our main floor.
Despite our preparation of rolling up the floor rugs, she still managed to pee on the side of two of them. She certainly would giggle hysterically while we carried her to the bathroom with her urine trailing behind us. She sat on the toilet for quite a while and when I asked, she would say she wasn’t done. I feel stongly about not having the child run around naked, because the second you put clothes back on the child, they treat it like a diaper.
By the time you realize she is urinating on your precious kitchen floor, she is halfway done.
She got really upset when I left and wanted to sleep in Benson’s crib, which she has done for the past several days just for nap time (why?
Joel rushed toward her in what seemed like slow motion as she simultaneously swung her arm around, smearing feces on the bathtub.
She could have stopped at her little toilet on the way, but I guess I have to celebrate one teeny-tiny triumph at a time. I was in no mood to clean up a muddy explosion, but no matter how many times I reminded her to tell me she had to go, Cora did NOT want to go to the bathroom. Day 3 was supposed to be the day of triumph and exhilaration, but it absolutely wasn’t. He held it longer and longer each day, 12 hours on day 3 (yep, even with a bladder full of Kool-aid, popsicles, and all the other crap Lora Jensen told me to feed him), and he ended curled up in a ball on the floor crying, “No, Mommy, it hurts! During your trip to the bathroom, she empties the other half of her bladder in a nice scribble-scrabble pattern on your floor.
This is the moment I knew that God had my back, because I was downstairs enjoying my 7-month-old, oblivious to the stinky battlefield upstairs. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she did her best to hold it until she figured out what to do with it. I’m not sure if she was confused, if she was playing with me, or if she had been taken over by Satan. She had a little skid-mark in her underwear, so I took the opportunity to carry her into the bathroom. I let her wipe for herself, I helped her with what she missed, and we found a new pair of undies to put on. Now, not only do you have to clean up a puddle of pee, but you have to clean up an entire line of pee linking the puddle to the bathroom while trying to keep her and your crawling 7-month-old out of it. Is she even real, or is she simply a name made up by a potbellied, dirty, middle-aged man sitting behind a computer who takes silent joy in causing hell in the lives of young families? Start your own drive and collect leftover candy from your friends and neighbors to mail to Operation Gratitude.
I then proceeded to make up songs about how we need to push out the poo-poo so it can go home to its family (oh, come on people — I was desperate!) The best part is that she started learning the song and sang it out loud! I have finally got them trained for now (I haven't seen or smell any messes around the house). There is a difference in being able to train during the day and being able to stay dry at night.
We had a family member that wet the bed well into their teen years, completely unable to stay dry.

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