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Now that the start of the school year has arrived, you may be wondering how you can best support your child through his or her education. For people of all ages, reading is a great way to engage the mind, learn new things and find enjoyment. Your child’s interests will probably change regularly, from outer space one week, to cowboys the next. You have years of accumulated wisdom, and your child is hungry to learn, so make sure you share your passions with your child. Many parents are stumped by difficult questions from their children, “What causes rain?” and “What is time?” are two that regularly feature on top 10 lists of questions dreaded by parents.
One trap that many well-meaning parents fall into, is to focus on achievement and not effort. Whether your child is still at home, homeschooling or has started back to school, the sky is the limit on things you can explore.  There are so many wonders in our world and they want to know all about them.  Enjoy this season of learning together as you share your passions and most of all, have fun! Biotegrity Corporation is a specialty pharmaceutical company which concentrates all efforts toward improving women's health.
Nine is hot on the heels of Seven, scoring five programs with a million-plus audience each in the major capital cities. Every show in last night's top 10 was local, with Channel Nine scoring five programs with a million-plus audience each in the major capital cities. The network also unveiled the consolidated ratings for the two screenings of its Schapelle telemovie last week. Yes, Schapelle got thumped by Seven's INXS telemovie – but an overall audience of almost two million spells success by any measure.
The state-by-state ratings, however, followed their usual patterns: victory for Nine in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane while Seven dominated in Perth and Adelaide. Nine's A Current Affair attracted 1.13 million, beating Seven's stalwart Home and Away, which drew 939,000. Nine won the battle of the game shows with Hot Seat pulling 632,000 compared to Seven's Million Dollar Minute, which had 420,000. But Seven's Sunrise was the top-rating breakfast show with 341,000 metropolitan viewers, while Nine's Today had 299,000. Bleeding obvious if you have two big shows up against each other that most people will pick one on the night and record the other for later on. I understand that submission of this content is covered by the Conditions of Use by which I am bound and Commenting Guidelines are available for my reference.
It is narrated in the books of sirah that Fatima bint Muhammad stood by her father when the Quraish placed animal intestines on the prophet’s back sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam while he was praying. Growing up in a society in which people are constantly mocking each other, I recall this little girl who would always defend her father as well. Fatima Radiallahu anha would care for the household and her father until she got married and even after her marriage she would often think of bringing food to her father.
This beautiful narration moved me personally and made me think of my own relationship with my dear father. Unfortunately, I have also seen fathers showing very little concern for their daughters’ happiness. I often wonder how he sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam would feel when members of his own ummah would completely go against his sunna in order to uphold their own traditions or further their own personal interests. 3) Fathers should put their daughter’s happiness ahead of personal gain or social gain. May Allah Subhannahu Wa TaAllah help all our fathers and daughters emulate as much as possible the example of the Messenger’s relationship sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam with his daughter Fatimah Radiallahu anha.

Has reading this article brought back some good memories of your own father-daughter relationship? Children are born with a natural curiosity and a desire to learn, and it is our job as a parent to help them utilize this gift. Babies enjoy the sound of their parent’s voice, toddlers enjoy the story, and older children enjoy working out what will happen next. By keeping track of your child’s current interests, you can best find ways to engage them in learning. If you have recently read an interesting blog about human interaction, or watched a fascinating documentary about the women’s rights movement, tell your child about it.
It’s ok not to know the answer, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed or dismiss the question out of hand. By focusing on effort, you are teaching your child that it is always important to try your hardest, regardless of the outcome.
Before Promise Prenatal there were no prenatal vitamins formulated for each stage of pregnancy.
All up, more than 1.96 million Australians in the regional and metropolitan areas watched either the live broadcasts or a recording within seven days.
Though both programs cracked the top 30, Ten's rival Wake-Up was ranked in the 230th position with an audience of just 45,000.
Its only network executives stuck in the seventies that think its a one off head to head competition. There is a very special bond between a father and a daughter and the most beautiful example of this is the relationship Prophet Muhammad sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam had with daughter Fatima Radiallahu anha. She was a child yet would not stand for anyone saying anything bad against her father jokingly or seriously. It reminded me of a day when my father called me at work and asked me if I was fasting that day. I have seen muslim fathers forcing their daughters into a marriage they had not consented to. Here are a couple of practical steps insha’Allah for father and daughter to develop a stronger bond based on the example of the Messenger sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam. When a child is obedient and loving towards the parents, the parents automatically soften up towards the child and a stronger bond develops. The messenger sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam did not hesitate to let others know that his daughter’s happiness was his happiness and her sorrow and anger his sorrow and anger. May Allah Subhannahu Wa TaAllah grant us children who will be the coolness of our eyes and daughters who will be our source of access to Heaven.
If they show a keen interest in wildlife, take them to a local nature reserve for a day of wildlife spotting. Everything can become a learning experience – a trip to the shops can become an impromptu lesson in math. By explaining that you don’t know, and that searching for the answer together, you are creating a strong learning experience. After researching recommended daily intakes for women before and during pregnancy, I exclusively recommend Promise Prenatal to my patients. Of course anyone with an iota of sense and $300 spare should long ago have grabbed a PVR that can record two shows at once and skip ads at the touch of a button.
How a father treats his daughter will usually have a deep impact on the future interactions of the daughter with the opposite sex. The daughters would cry, beg and even flee from the home only to be finally dragged back by force.

Daughters should share their various interests with their father just like they would with their mothers. He was so concerned about her happiness that when Fatimah got married, he sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam personally went to visit her the day after her wedding to check on her and give again his blessings to the newly-weds.
If they are interested in science, take a trip to a science museum or try out some simple experiments at home.
Seek out new experiences to help inspire and engage your child in learning about the world around them. Though they may not grow to be passionate about the same subjects, they will hopefully learn to be passionate about new information.
You wonder why TV revenue and advertising is in decline, it is simply because of your contempt for the audience. A mother could spend all her time telling her daughter she’s beautiful but when a father treats her daughter well and shows her how precious she is to him, the daughter grows up with a good level of confidence that only a father can give. While other daughters looked forward to their wedding, these daughters viewed their wedding as torture and pure pain.
When the Sahabas could not find the messenger sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, they would often go to his daughter’s house because he was very often there. He reassured her by telling her that he had married her to the dearest of his family to him stressing again that he had her best interest in mind.
Books can be picked up for next to nothing at thrift stores, so you can build an impressive collection without breaking the bank. Make sure you change what you do to match their current interests, because this will encourage them to continue learning about new and exciting topics.
Libraries, museums, days out and holidays are all great ways to immerse your child in a new and exciting learning experience.
Daughters look to the father as an example, and will use their relationship with him as a basis for future relationships with men. Their father did not care for their happiness and were least concerned about their daughter’s rights. Daughters could take example on Fatima Radiallahu anha and on the fact that she would serve and cater to her father’s needs so much so that she was called the mother of her father. For these reasons, fathers can make a big difference in building a daughter’s self-esteem as she matures into a young woman. These fathers could learn a lot from the Messenger sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, whose example we are all asked to follow and emulate.
As a child, Fatima would often accompany her father almost everywhere and was right by his side when the Quraish were abusing him. I am grateful for such a relationship and I am also grateful to have witnessed my friends having a similar relationship with their own fathers. They spent much time together and he sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam knew her interests, her likes and dislikes and she knew his.
A local imam once said that just like women can perceive other women very well, men can also tell when other men are just playing games. The father in this case serves as a protective barrier between the daughter and other men and is able to help his daughter make a good decision when it comes to choosing a spouse.

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