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Going poop requires a lot of a child—more muscle control, more patience, more body awareness, and more emotional readiness. Accept your child’s timing —pushing them will be counterproductive, especially if your child is sensitive or wants to be in control.
Some children may have a fear of ”letting go”, they may even feel that they are losing part of themselves when pooping. Remember that doing number two is one of many transitions for a young child, and change isn’t easy for them. It is perfectly normal for some toddlers to use the toilet for peeing, but to request a diaper for pooping.

It’s amazing that a child can find an alternative that works for them until they are more comfortable with this new complicated task. Essentially, potty training for most children is a long process that comes in small steps — sometimes forward and sometimes backward. Janis Keyser, author of Becoming the Parent You Want to Be, writes “The most significant help we can give children as they are learning to use the toilet is our faith that it will happen.” Relax and offer support—“Someday you’ll poop in the toilet.
Letting go of our own anxieties about this and not comparing our child’s progress to any another child’s will definitely relieve the tension for both you and your child. Realize that they may need to use a diaper for several weeks or even months before they are ready.

Try saying, “Thanks for telling me you need a diaper.” Let them help you (carefully) put the poop from the diaper into the toilet and flush it.

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