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As a mother of 4 boys, I have only experienced what it is like to potty train a boy.  I know each child is different but each of my four boys had a very similar process that they went through before finally being able to ditch the diapers. Starting the potty training process before your child is ready will only end in tears for your child and possibly for yourself. So before breaking out the potty chair and sticker charts, here are some of the signs that  your child is ready to potty train. For my boys, I would introduce the potty to them when they started showing some of the signs listed above. Some type of reward – Help them get excited to earn a fun new reward when they are done potty training.
Training Pants –  Either cloth Training Pants or disposable training pants can help keep down the mess as your child learns. Toilet target – I know a lot of moms that have put a toilet target inside the toilet bowl for their boys to aim at. We had a few different Potty Training Books over the years and they really helped to get my boys thinking about going to the potty.

Every child will have a different potty training experience so I asked my Moms of Boys Community and The Joys of Boys Facebook Community to share their best potty training tips. And if you are just at your wits end and just want to be done with diapers, I recommend Potty Train in a Weekend by Becky Mansfield. You know you’re raising boys when you have a fully loaded nerd gun stashed in your underwear drawer. Toddler Reusable Diaper Cloth Potty Training Plastic Velcro Mess Rash Free nappy added to cart. Toddler Diaper Potty Training Underwear Pull Up Plastic Reusable Panty Mess Free added to cart. Many moms I have talked to have said that their boys have taken longer than their girls to train and are in diapers longer, but there are some simple things you can do to make the process go more smoothly. If you are beginning to potty train your little one, these tips for potty training boys will hopefully help make the process go more smoothly as your child starts the journey of becoming diaper free.

We had been encouraging him to potty train for some time, but for some reason that book made it click for him. All of my boys were three when they potty trained but we did it without any messes or frustration.
I just let him know his toy was up on the shelf waiting for him to be done with his diapers and when he filled up his chart we could get ice cream.

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