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My eleven year old daughter has such small feet and it is Always hard to find her stylish shoes that are also comfortable. All information is encrypted and transmitted without risk using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol.
Our team loves reading customer reviews, so they're looking forward to giving yours a look-see. Posted July 22nd, 2014 by admin & filed under Boys Clothing, Clothing, Kids Clothing, Kids Shoes, Tees. These are very cute shoes, but you definitely need to order a size down; even with a smaller size he has room to grow. I first ordered there for my niece in a 5 but they were way too big on her although she wears a 5. I have to give it up to Zappos not only is the service quick and the customer service is superb.

I purchased these for my daughter and the back seam split on the right boot the first time she wore them. I thought flap open will be easy to put shoes on chubby baby feet, but it doesn't open wide enough all the way to put chubby baby feet in the shoes, so his heels go in only half way in.
Zappos sent me another pair and the same thing happened on the right boot of the second pair.
We didn't have issues with seams splitting and if you read Minnetonka's info online, they recommend that you tie a knot on the laces, then submerge it in water and let it dry.
I love Minnetonka for myself and think true to size or runs little big, but for this kids shoes, I really think runs 1 size smaller. I guess there needs to be something more supportive than the Velcro (especially for a toddler).
It is too late for me to return them, since they are baby shoes I waited to see if they would fit better if her feet grew a little.

I called Minnentonka to report the problem and they were not at all interested in helping me.
My daughter wears a 5 in other shoes and these were almost a full inch too long, so we're keeping them until she grows into them.
The toe box is bulky so they get a dent right behind the toes, giving them a clown-feet look. The heel is very very rounded, so they sort-of rock instead of giving good, flat contact with the floor. At this point I have tried to make them work and they cannot be returned since she has worn them a few times.

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