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Yoga for you and your babyBy Adele Hamilton - As featured in Woolies BabesYoga for mothers and babies is an excellent way for a new mother to get back in touch with her body, says yoga teacher Gayle Friedman.
Stretching and toning the muscles at the side of the waist and hips is particularly important for new mothers, as these muscles become slack from having supported the heavy uterus, and the back and shoulder stretches counteract the hunching that is an inevitable part of breast-feeding a baby several times a day.
Whether in a class or at home, the slow, studied stretches and mental focus of a yoga session create an atmosphere that helps parents and baby find a relaxed way to be together.This sequence is for babies of any age.

Try not to do yoga directly after a feed as you may cause a reflux reaction if you push on a full tummy. To start, gently stroke the baby’s chest, abdomen, legs and feet, keeping your hands in constant contact with his body.

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