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South Carolina mom Stephanie Greene was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Friday after a jury found her guilty of homicide by child abuse, involuntary manslaughter and unlawful conduct toward a child. The 39-year-old former nurse has been taking a variety of painkillers since a 1998 car accident that left her with a fractured skull and pelvis. Even before this week's conviction, the case has been a very controversial one, debated by moms here at BabyCenter and well beyond.
While his client's drug use is not being disputed — "She needed those meds to get up in the morning and function," he says — Mr. The state, however, paints a very different picture: "This is not an indictment on breast feeding," says prosecutor Barry Barnette.
This is a tragedy, my heart goes out to the family who has lost a baby and now the other kids will lose their mom and her husband will lose a wife.
I am in chronic pain due to multiple herniated discs and a congenital hip defect, which caused severe arthritis. The mom had been taking this for years your body builds up an immunity and you keep needing more in order to fight the pain. If you knowingly taking narcotics then you should be smart enough to know not to breastfeed.
I heard on the John Tesh radio show this week that more moms are turning to alcohol and drugs to deal with stress. Really the only time that a mom has to herself is when her baby is sleeping (and even then she is constantly ‘on call’). Mother and playful gray seal pup taken from the viewing area for the dune colony at Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust UK. An Eastern Grey Kangaroo joey suckles from inside its mother’s pouch as the mother shows her affection. American Bison calf was using its mother as a scratching post in Hayden Valley, Yellowstone National Park.
This mother and cub pair is at Wolong National Nature Preserve, a part of the Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries.
When a baby is born so is a Mother and God gives us all the instructions we need – It is a heart filled with love that lasts forever. The whole “hot mom” trend is wonderful but really, WHY do we have to feel sexy after spending hours in labor and giving birth? If you’re of a different school of thought and looking to up the romance factor, wearing dowdy maternity and nursing bras is not the way to do it.
The bottom line: Breastfeeding, pregnancy and post-partum issues don’t have to leave us feeling dowdy especially if we can just put on something as cute as You!
There is something about living and learning that can go toward knowing how to look and act hot. When I was pregnant I had sexy days and non-sexy days but my hubbie seemed to find me hot so that was nice.
It took a while to feel sexy being so exhausted but actually having a chest for once was a confidence booster! I fit into my baggiest pair of pre-preggo jeans when my son was five days old and felt sexy!
My husband makes me feel sexy because even with our youngest being only 5 months old and me far from in shape, he is constantly telling me how sexy he thinks I am, even in the hospital! Even though I was very sick my first three months of pregnancy, once I got over that stage I never feel ugly or huge or unsexy.
I felt sexy right after I gave birth to my daughter I’m very skinny before I got pregnant and the added lbs after giving birth just made me feel sexier My hips got a little wider and my breasts got bigger (because I exclusively breastfed her). Thanks for sharing this link, it’s about time nursing mamas had some better options in the lingerie department! My two year old is way to active for me to get daily shower, and there is definitely no time for hair or makeup. I felt incredibly sexy during all 4 of my pregnancies, but it took a few weeks after the birth to recover before “sexy” could even be a thought! Spreading awareness of RSV and general new baby etiquette can go a long way towards keeping new arrivals healthy. Postpone a visit if you feel that you may be getting sick, have recently been ill or exposed to illness. Offer to do something to ease their responsibilities as they spend time as a family, such as laundry, cooking or dishes. Wash your hands frequently—upon entering the home and especially prior to holding the baby. Serious RSV infection is the leading cause of infant hospitalization, responsible for more than 125,000 hospitalizations and up to 500 infant deaths each year. Certain babies are at an increased risk of developing serious RSV infection, so it’s important to speak with a pediatrician to determine if a baby may be at high risk for RSV, and discuss preventive measures. Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of MedImmune and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.
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I thought I’d kick off my Banned Books Week posts with the only title on the 2011 list I hadn’t already read! It goes through month by month of the pregnancy, explaining prenatal development and what an ultrasound is, eventually culminating in birth (with all the blood and grossness tactfully edited out).
Anyway, I can see why this book might not be the one some parents would choose to read to their kid about childbirth.

It should be noted, of course, that the most frequently challenged books are unlikely to be the most objectionable. Every week, we bring you the best parenting and lifestyle stories from the experts at BabyCenter, including this post about a mom's murder trial. Greene's 6-week-old daughter Alexis died, reportedly due to an overdose of morphine delivered through her breast milk.
Greene hid the pregnancy from doctors so that she could continue to get painkillers, but baby Alexis was born healthy, weighing 7lbs, 2oz. Greene's husband and other family members insist that she was a hands-on, devoted mother in the weeks after Alexis' birth.
Indeed, it raises several difficult questions, not the least of which is, what are the true risks of breastfeeding while taking medication? She is dealing with her own daily pain that she needs medication for and the loss of her baby on top of going to prison. I also wanted a child, and knew that by getting pregnant, I would have to stop my meds, which I did.
If she wanted to carry her pregnancy to term and birth her baby, she should have done everything in her power to ensure the health of her child. It allows mom and baby to take time together to bond (without mom worrying about her ‘to-do list’), brings moms together to share their struggles and tips for dealing with issues such as late night teething, and teaches mom stress relief strategies such as breathing exercises. In today’s world, having a kid seems like a quick rite of passage followed by immediate weight loss followed by even more procreation.
Comment here on when and how you started to feel sexy after baby and what you think of the “hot mom” trend and you could win a $100 gift certificate for any of the frilly You!
I felt sexy during my third trimester and even a few days after having my last baby(3 months old now).
Moms do SO MUCH work day & night and deserve to feel good about themselves, even if it is for just a minute when getting dressed in the morning. Even though I have been sick (hyperemesis gravidarum, kidney stones, blaaaah), I’m awed by how powerful my body is now.
All though, I didn’t always follow suit in his opinion of that, I always appreciated that he took the time to make me feel special. I love seeing all the cute maternity wear> I actually still have to shirts I still wear< Anyway it may have been hard to do but SHAVING my legs really made me feel good I may have had bags under my eyes from no sleep, hair lookin a mess throwup on my clothes, but taking a few extra minutes in the bathromm to be smooth wow feels sooo good!!
Since my daughter was 3 months I have been frustrated with nursing bra options–apparently most people feel that breastfeeding and being sexy are mutually exclusive. So once in a while my husband will put her to bed so I can get all dressed up in lingerie and make up to make me feel sexy during our time alone. My first two it took until they weaned from breastfeeding them; I can only handle one person at a time pawing at my chest. The risks of RSV are especially great for premature babies, as illustrated in this infographic.
If you feel they are being overprotective or overly cautious, just consider that only they know what’s best for the health of their new son or daughter. Young children, especially if they attend day care or preschool, often carry germs and viruses, like RSV, that are easily spread. The CDC has defined “RSV season” as beginning in November and lasting through March for most parts of North America. Fortunate me I found your web site by chance, and I am shocked why this twist of fate didn’t happened in advance! Yetthe stock market, even amid the biggest rally since the Great Depression, still holds tantalizing opportunities forsmart and nimble investors. Even though it looks like a picture book, it’s not stuck in with Good Night Moon and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. The only difference between this and the countless other books designed to help parents explain what’s happening to mom is that it goes into more detail about how the baby got in there. But somehow the above piece of information did not really register and I spent the next ten years terrified of immaculate conception. The above article and this more recent one both talk about all the hate mail she’s received from people who saw the short segments on the challenge on Fox and Friends and other local news sources, both of which tried to paint the issue as way more dramatic and shocking than it actually is. One picture shows food traveling through the umbilical cord into the baby, including a sunny-side up egg, which is clearly on the Do Not Eat list of foods for pregnant women.
Will it convince our children that it’s no big deal and they should go ahead and try it, all while eating under-cooked eggs???
After all, many libraries won’t shelve the most vile material available, and even if they did it might well be too obscure for parents to know about and challenge. It’s very important to remember that libraries are curated collections and every book, even the ones you might find objectionable, have been chosen with a purpose.
Toxicology reports revealed that the level of morphine found in the infant's system was enough to potentially kill an adult. Greene, who has three other children, lives in "chronic pain." In 2004, she lost her nursing license after it was found that she'd tried to illegally call in medication prescriptions and also refused a drug test. A few hours later her husband woke up and noticed that the baby "felt cold." When they realized she wasn't breathing, Ms. I knew I had to stay off my meds to breastfeed, which I did for 8 weeks, until the pain became unbearable. No mom should have been breastfeeding their child while on that many, and that much, drugs. And maybe next time this mom will practice some yoga before bed to relax and unwind instead of turning to a bottle of wine to numb her.
But now that you are tall and out of reach, I fold my hands and cover you with prayer,” ~ quote by Dona Maddux Cooper. Plenty of roses, stars, sunsets, rainbows, brothers, and sisters, aunts and cousins, but only one mother in the whole world,”? ~ quote by Kate Douglas Wiggin.
A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child,” ~ quote by Sophia Loren.
Taking children into a house with a white carpet is one of them,” ~ quote by Erma Bombeck.
I guess some mothers just feel sexy all the way around — during and after the pregnancy. I feel sexiest when I wear make up, have my hair did and am wearing a sexy outfit, like lingerie, for my loving husband of 3 years. I follow his advie and take care so my daughter will be healthy and strong, and know that she is as beautiful as she makes me feel now. So many women can’t carry a child, and I realized how lucky and how blessed I am to have this opportunity.

Knowing our beautiful baby was in my belly made me so happy all of the time, and my husband loved my belly which made me always feel amazing! What helps me too is that I have a fiancee that thinks I always look sexy or beautiful at any given moment. Other than that I felt way more sexy while pregnant because the baby doll shirts they have now are awesome for looking cute and sexy while pregnant.
I may not look perfect naked, but I can easily disguise my flaws cleverly with the right cloths and know how to work it! Anyways carry on the wonderful excellent publishing, it truly is rare to discover an excellent blog page exactly like it currently. The autocratic leadership style on the whole remains a short-term or quick fix approach to management.
Expected to hit stores across the nation in October 2008, the first offering from Pastelle is a collection of eyewear created in conjunction with uber cool Australian label Ksubi (Ksubi for Pastelle). It’s with the explanatory books about childbirth, diseases, how blood works, and World War II.
Should I try to get this book removed from the library because of these things I don’t like, thus saving the rest of my community from having to deal with these blatant falsehoods?? I realized I was going to have to come down on one side or the other of the abortion debate and I didn’t really want to go there. My parents tried to be as open as possible about these issues, and I wish there had been more books like yours around when I was little to clear up all my misconceptions! Rather, we should expect the most frequently challenged books to be ones near the line of acceptability; popular enough to be shelved and well-known enough to be challenged.
Investigators revealed that they found dozens of pill bottles and painkiller patches in Ms. Greene began infant CPR and called 911, though according to reports sounded "groggy and unfocused." The paramedics soon arrived, but they weren't able to revive Alexis. After speaking with my own doctor and my daughter's pediatrician, I decided to pump and dilute so that she still got some of my milk for another two or three months until my supply dwindled.Why am I sharing this?
I remember asking was it safe for my son and was told yes even though I felt like I was going in and out. I can certainly understand the desire to just have a few drinks in order to numb the body and turn the mind off. Lingerie is a collection for the fashionable mama who doesn’t let a little thing like pregnancy and babies stand in her way of feeling sexy. I managed to lose the 30 lbs I gained during pregnancy, plus 10+ lbs more getting my weight down to less than before pre-pregnancy. It was almost a proud time for me since I had lost the baby weight quickly and had the small, but only noticable to my husband and I stretch marks. And if you let your kid wander around on their own in the non-fiction section, cool, but it’s not like the library makes a secret of what that section is for. Just because the library is there for me doesn’t mean EVERY book in the library is there for me.
She chose to breastfeed, but says that she talked to a lactation consultant about the possible impact of the painkillers. Also we need to examine these drugs , so many things deemed safe are then taken off the market etc. I asked for the formula after the first time cause I didn't feel right about passing it on to him . I have always come back to the conclusion that I love my daughter and I wouldn’t trade her for the world but dealing with severe colic, ongoing issues with allergies that cause her to scream in discomfort, teething, and general baby crankiness at times have left me feeling exhausted, emotionally drained, and extremely stressed.
However, drugs and alcohol are only temporary solutions and will only do more harm in the long run since they don’t truly address the stress and are potentially dangerous. This post of adorable animal moms and babies, sprinkled with quotes, is in honor of mothers everywhere.
Your strength and love has guided me and gave me wings to fly,” ~ quote by Sarah Malin. That said, I’m dying to find out how other women felt during the maternity and nursing stage.
Besides being totally gorgeous and made with the softest cotton, the bras are totally functional offering max support.
Working out made me feel so much better and have so much more energy than I thought I could have, especially when I was exhausted. That was 5 years ago I was pregnant with my son, and my husband still to this day says he loves my lil stretch marks and my little (tiny) bump I never lost after having my son. Non-fiction books are meant to explain the world in ways a child can understand, and that’s what this book does.
She was directed to an NIH web site, which reportedly advised that morphine was relatively safe for nursing moms. This woman hid the fact that she was pregnant so she'd have no problem getting painkillers. While I felt anything but sexy, I’m sure many other mothers managed to do the hot mom thing with a huge belly and a baby strapped to them day and night.
I’d say I started to feel sexy again around the time my son turned 3 months and I could get back into the active swing of things. But once I lost my water weight after the pregnancy and was looking forward to my first outing without a belly, I made sure I was one hot momma! This personal experience is one of the reasons I firmly believe that if someone is old enough to ask a question, they’re old enough to receive an answer. That said, I think 20 years is a bit steep for someone who, if she is anything like most of us mothers, is already serving a life sentence of unthinkable guilt. She should have taken another drug or use the formula instead.twenty years is a long time in jail but the judge sentenced her based on her past history with drugs. If they had proof, beyond a reasonable doubt and not "shadow" of a doubt, that the morphine killed the little girl , then this mom is exactly where she belongs. Also, I just read that the morphine levels in the child's blood could have been the result of a genetic defect, as the morphine should not have passed from the breast milk in such quantities. Even so, the mother should have taken steps to avoid ANY morphine from passing to the baby; breast is best, but in this situation, formula should have been considered the preferred method of feeding had she been unable to go off her meds.
I understand that she was in a great deal of pain, but the alternative was there, and as a nurse, she should have known that.

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