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There are moments, such as the ones you see below, when the Internet provides adorable cuteness that is simply just too sweet to handle. When Mitchell Brunings performed his cover of Bob Marley’s 1980 “Redemption Song” on his “Holland Voice” audition, the judges and the crowd were blown away. Many people have a dream of building their own water garden or backyard ponds around the home.

It is perfectly normal for you to fall into a wormhole of AWWWW and not be able to resurface (or do any of your work or chores) for hours.
Unsurprisingly, Brunings went on to be a finalist on the “Holland Voice” TV show and made it to the top 10 on NBC’s “The Voice.” Brunings was asked to perform at the Bob Marley Tribute concert and many are commenting on the uncanny similarities he shares with the late reggae master. That’s why we could learn a thing or two about love and tenderness from our animals friends. Warning: these pictures may result in loud squealing, warm fuzzy feelings and severe desire for cuddles.

Each and every one of them loves their life right about now, and it’s all because they’re choosing to cuddle up to a friend.

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