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Chances are you have dreamed of this first Halloween for years – your first year  to dress up as a family. With Halloween looming on the horizon we are launching a new daily series showcasing some of our favorite  Halloween costume ideas. GreatGets Yes, there are faces behind the name, actually, an entire family of faces, quite often referred to affectionately.
GreatGets is dedicated to bringing you great finds, cool stuff, and expert advice and reviews on the important things in life - family, health, education, work, play and how to do it all with style. Now that the season of spook is upon us, join in on Halloween's haunted happenings by dressing up with your little one.
Your little one is your treasured prize after all, so why not show her off with this undeniably adorable mommy-and-me costume? Be the banana to your baby's monkey costume, and the two of you will almost look good enough to eat!

Get caught up in this sweet costume that's ideal for little ones under six months — it's the perfect excuse to carry your cutie around. Considering your little monkey is already a pro at climbing all over you, make this Halloween a memorable one by dressing up your baby as a mini monstrous Kong ready to tackle the Empire State building (you!).
From a spider in her web to King Kong on the Empire State building, scroll through these photos of mamas and daddies in matching costumes with their munchkins for a little inspiration. Let Dad (or Mom!) dress up as the leprechaun and harness your babe in the pot with a carrier. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Kate from This Place Is Now A Home made a white and red striped popcorn container out of felt and simply wrapped it around the Baby Bjorn she wore.

Is this not the cutest family costume?The Hangover: We love what Karen, Ross and baby Laz did as the characters from the Hangover. Dad plays Zach Galifianakis with sunglassed infant in the BabyBjorn and Mom as Ed Helms character. Fantastically cute from our friends at Parents Resources and More.What other creative baby carrier costumes have you seen? Even though I had Augie in the carrier for his first Halloween it never occurred to me to costume him up.

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