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When you call you will receive directions to the hospital as well as the location for the tour.
But you will enjoy treatment by highly qualified, board-certified, university-affiliated obstetricians and pediatricians, as well as by a specialty trained nursing staff. Chances are you'll never need the kind of advanced care available at a neonatal ICU like ours. Women with high-risk pregnancies can be confident that they will receive the highest level of care in our facility.
Security first: Our extensive 24-hour electronic surveillance and security system includes frequent name tag comparisons and video monitoring. Paul Frank + Collins is a proud sponsor of the new Glen and Rosemary Wright Mother-Baby Unit at the University of Vermont Medical Center. The new Mother-Baby Unit is a nearly $16 million, state-of-the-art maternity ward designed to provide privacy and comfort to more than 2,000 mothers and babies a year.
You'll visit all the areas associated with maternity care and will have plenty of time to ask questions. They can stay overnight with their infants before discharge from an extended stay, and with our nursing staff close at hand, can learn about the baby's care and increase their confidence regarding the transition to home.

Our nurses will welcome you to your large private room, equipped with a daybed for your partner. After observation, your baby will be brought back to you, and you will be cared for together. Joseph's 24-hour TV channel about newborns, which will give you additional helpful information about caring for your baby.
The new private rooms are equipped with bathrooms and fold-up Murphy beds for overnight stays for a support person or family member.
If you are not a current Paul Frank + Collins client, please do not include anything confidential or secret in this email.
This amazing facility, under the direction of the Department of Pediatrics, is right next to our labor and delivery rooms.
They will make you comfortable, orient you to the room, and review routine and safety precautions with you.
During your stay, you will receive detailed instructions from the nursery nurse on how to care for yourself and your baby when you go home. That’s why these nurses are here to teach new moms what you need to know to take care of your precious infant, including bathing, feeding and changing diapers.

Our lactation consultants are registered nurses with specialized training and certification in counseling, education and support for breastfeeding mothers. It is offered to all families upon request and can be a spiritually meaningful way to welcome a new life into the family. Each room includes a touch-screen call center at the foot of each bed, which postpartum patients can use to request services ranging from food, ice and water to emergency medical care. The unit has 24-hour on-site coverage by physicians who are board certified in both pediatrics and neonatology. Rooms also have flat screen TVs with educational programming that provides information on early parenthood and infant care.
Their goal is to help alleviate anxiety and discomfort, and to help parents transition into their exciting new role.

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