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Our daughter has shown signs of potty training readiness since she was about eighteen months old. Around this same time, our daughter developed an obsession with other people’s underwear and bathroom habits. I put a diaper on her for nap (why risk it?), and then put underwear on again as soon as she woke up.
Even with everything going so well, I know there will be more accidents. I mean, come on! If you're new here, you may want to sign up for email updates so you never miss a new post. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I noticed your comment on getting rid of her paci, have you ever heard of the Binky Fairy (or paci fairy) ?
I love how you have been preparing your little one for the day when she’ll lose her paci!
Each of my boys took their own unique path during the potty training process, but I have to agree that it is so very much easier when they are ready. My daughter Jaedyn will be 3 next month, she is the baby of 4 & by far the most stubborn in everything she does…including potty training! We all (myself included) act as if our kids should be the same, but we know they aren’t.
I also think that making a big deal of potty training turns it into something scary for little ones, and therefore makes it more difficult for them and us parents. My biggest stressor now is that her younger sister is 2.5 and will be starting preschool at around 3 years 4 months.
I think part of the problem is the whole way it is phrased: That we are supposed to train them, being their trainers and all.
That is totally right, you don’t push them to do potty, you read them, so you can start when they are ready. A judge in Fort Worth County, Texas sentenced Janice Renee Anthony (pictured) to 35 years in prison for killing her 3-year-old daughter, Paris Howard, because she kept urinating on herself during potty training, according to the Star-Telegram.
In September of last year, Anthony summoned police to her home, telling them that her little girl had taken a tumble down a flight of stairs and that she was unable to revive her. But police investigators on the scene noticed bruising on several areas of the child’s body.
The then 19-year-old mom, who was also pregnant with another child at the time of her arrest, gave birth to a baby boy just days after she was charged with injury to a child with serious bodily injury. Toxicology reports revealed that Anthony had choked her daughter on the night that she died.
Anthony’s defense during the trial was that she had been the victim of abuse at the hands of a family member when she was a child. Anthony will have to serve at least seventeen and a half years before she is even eligible for parole. Of course puppy potty training a yorkie does have it’s problems and they are certainly not the easiest breed to potty train, however we have provided some free tips on the best methods for housebreaking your furry friend and have also provided a some information on the very popular yorkie poodle mix.
Yorkshire Terriers have received quite a bad press when it comes to dog training especially puppy potty training. If you are thinking about getting a Yorkie it maybe worth visiting your local rescue centers as the are more than likely going to have a selection of different yorkies, this is mainly due to…barking and due to the fact that the owner has found it difficult to potty train their yorkie. Yorkshire Terriers are very keen to learn and they won’t give up until you do so stick to the schedule listed below and you will be successful in house training your yorkie. After he has toileted have some play-time but do this after he has pooped or peed this will make him want to potty first so he gets his play-time and the treat afterwards. If you want your dog to potty in a certain amount of time, then only give your dog a certain amount of time to do his business. Be aware and supervise your dog – when training Yorkshire Terriers you need to keep a very close eye on them.

If you are still having problems you are more than welcome to ask us a question for free on our dog and puppy questions page, we aim to answer in 24 hours. Not surprisingly this mix is a cross between two breeds bred together i.e the Yorkshire Terrier and the Poodle.
This variety can come in all sorts of colors and tend to have either a curly coat similar to the poodle or slightly wavy.
I don’t want to create any unhealthy food associations because we taught her from an early age that you should eat sweets as a reward. I’ve known this for a long time, but potty training has illustrated this in a whole new way: Nate is a patient man. At this point, when people asked me if she was potty trained, I’d have to say, “Not even close.” But then, slowly, a few other puzzle pieces fell into place.
A year ago we were swimming in plastic potties, pull-ups, big girl underwear, paper towels and carpet cleaner. I was gone and then I got a phone call and LO AND BEHOLD, my daughter had peed on the potty all by herself. I have a friend whose daughter was trained well before two and another whose son was well over three. He caught on quick but not as quick as her and after a few months it lost its charm and he started slightly wetting his pants, just letting a little bit out. My daughter just turned 4 at the beginning of Sept and has been day trained since January but is a heavy sleeper at night also and has to wear a pullup at night. It did work for us, but then again everything works better with my son when we follow his rythm rather than ours! My son is almost 3 and a half and while he will keep himself dry until he goes potty, he still refuses to do #2.
Let them know about it, show them the benefits (add some benefits if they need a little pushing) and let them do it. I can confirm I know way less now than I did before I became a mom, and I knew nothing then. My princess got it in just one day, 2 accidents and that’s it, she is still wearing pull ups at night despite they are dry at the next day, just in case.
When he was 2.5 he started using the potty fine and the toilet fine, about two months later he completely refused to go on the toilet or potty would beg for a nappy and scream, I would have let him scream but he has breathing difficulties, I have asked HV for help friends have given advice, I have got new potties different rewards nothing is working! After authorities questioned Anthony, they discovered she had struck the child various times during the course of potty training her.
We had a recent case of a yorkie called Fred who constantly pooped and peed not only on the carpet but also when he was on peoples laps….
By attaching a leash you are in control of your dog and being the pack leader and alpha male. Any information is not intended to replace the advice of a Vet.Always speak to a Vet if you have any concerns about your dog's health. She wanted to be like her two neighbor friends who are both three, potty-trained, and big kids through and through. Best part was lining things up shows their ready, my son has started doing this and will pee on the potty before a bath.
We tired pull-ups (the cool alert ones) but there was no change, it didn’t even bother her when she went pee. If I were to be really honest, I’m afraid that taking away her paci will result in her sleeping less. We went the ENTIRE Disney vacation in March without one accident…not at night or in the park. It finally gets to the point where I put the pull-ups on her just so she can poop, otherwise she may go 4 days or more! My son would have worn a diaper until he was old and grey, but not because he wasn’t ready.
I tried starting around 18 months to give her time to adjust before he came so there would hopefully be no regression.

The state’s child protective services department also had a previous case against Anthony, who was 15 at the time she gave birth to Paris. Henderson, tried to make a case surrounding her childhood abuse, which he felt should have been taken into account before her sentencing. However, dont expect him to potty in five minutes on the Saturday if you give him ten minutes on the Friday! Now before you assume that this was a tortuous waiting game, let me assure you that the toddler had a blast. And you’ve been potty trained for at least a decade or two!} Experts say that most children have accidents in the first six months after potty training. I honestly can’t think of a single time (beyond her first three days of life) where she fell asleep WITHOUT the paci!
She can go accident-free all day at daycare, but they go every 30-45 minutes, so I don’t think her bladder ever really fills up to the point where she feels that sensation to go, which means we do have accidents at home. If we had to battle that now that she has a stronger will about her, I don’t think it would be that easy.
I picked Easter weekend since my hubby, mother in law (who lives with us) and I would all be home for 4 days. She understood the purpose of the “pot pot” (her term, not ours!) Plus, she’s a girl; girls potty train early and quickly, right? Her reward was to call a beloved (gracious, patient) family member so that they could cheer for her each and every time she went potty. There’s no going back once the diaper fairy comes!) Do we threaten to take away a big trip or activity if she doesn’t lose the diapers on her own? Summer will be here soon, and we’re gonna maybe let him run around naked a little bit.
Also, you mentiond the paci… My daughter accidently flushed her paci a couple of weeks ago while celebrating a victory of using the potty.
I would try every month and what I learned is she had an iron bladder and hated wetting her undies even though I never made an issue out of it, she hates failure still till this day. He has been using the potty for over 1.5 years yet he cannot make it over night and only wakes some of the time.
I would put her in undies when she woke at 8 and at 12 for nap she had not gone even with multiple potty trips and I put her diaper on for nap and she soaked the thing instantly. The first couple days after it happened she was pretty bummed but understood that it was gone forever.
When I tried to push it, he developed a fear of toilets and I had to back way off for over half a year. And she had already been waking up dry overnight for six months so we didn’t have to worry about nighttime training either.
My sisters kids aren’t all the same, but I have full confidence that she will get her daughter potty trained asap.
The next time I tried (with lots of fear and worry on my part!) he got it in 20 minutes (mostly).
I loved playing with those toys when I was little and I’m excited that I get to do it all again with my son who is also a fan! This next week is potty week and I am putting the underwear on and stocking up on the laundry detergent. Not that I recommend anyone to flush a paci, but because she was responsible for it being gone she seemed to get over it pretty quick!
So we take the diaper off and dump it in the toilet, she flushes and then puts the diaper in the trash.

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