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February 19, 2013 by Giselle Schroer · 6 Comments Good morning and happy Toddler Tuesday! Just kidding ??  He was actually really excited about getting to wear his big boy underwear.
Day one we woke up and told him he got to wear his big boy underwear.  He exclaimed, “Choo choo!
Okay, enough rambling about crap!  Haha, like my pun on words there ??  It’s Toddler Tuesday link up time again! A woman firefighter cut away the blue seat with a pair of garden shears, while Ms Urmston, 26, distracted her son with some of his favourite toys. The toddler was said to be none the worse for his ordeal.'I was in the kitchen taking a break for potty training and he walked in from the lounge with the potty itself wrapped round his head,' said mother-of-three Ms Urmston.
Firefighter Neil Mercer, watch manager at Bolton Central Fire Station, said although he had been involved in all manner of bizarre rescue missions, he had never before been tasked to free a child from a potty.

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We were thinking of trying the three day method his coming weekend, but now, I’m not sure we will.
I'm Giselle, a 30 something stay at home mom to my Love Nugget, wife to my Hubby, self proclaimed health and fitness fanatic. The information I share on my blog is based on my own experience, personal knowledge and is what works for me. Layton was getting upset and didna€™t understand what was going on.'He was proper stuck he was screaming, I didna€™t know what do. We tried with Sophia when she was about 20 months and it worked for a little bit but we realized like you that she just wasn’t ready.

In the last week, Keenan seems to be excited about going on the potty and telling us more and more when he needs to go (only pee, though!) as well as keeping his diaper dry, so we’ll see.
I love to share fitness tips, workouts, healthy recipes, nutrition news, party planning and everything else in between here on my blog. Once we got there he was released from the potty within two to three minutes.'I have never had anything like this in more than 20 years. Then at 25 months she looked at my one morning and said no more diapers, big girls panties. Normally kids get their arms or legs stuck behind radiators - but not potties.'HELP, I'M STUCK!

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