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I know this blog is all over the place; it has no real purpose other than for me to occasionally shoot my mouth off about things that are on my mind. It’s a marketing campaign designed for 10 year old boys, perhaps created by 10 year old boys. Now, the information I’m about to share here is taken exclusively from the Squatty Potty website.
Our modern, toilet-sitting bodies haven’t had the time to evolve to make things right. Pingback: Prayer Update, 13th Holistic Doctor Dies, Food to Make You Poop, the Eczema Song, Are Dental Sealants Safe?, and More Today, Too! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Trying to survive in a world increasingly without sense, reason, culture, and decent Chinese food.
There is empirical evidence that suggests that elevating your feet during elimination is healthier. According to the company, the human body evolved millions of years ago to do its business in a much different way than we do it today. And standing and squatting on our modern toilets would be awkward at best, downright dangerous at worst. While sitting to do our business may be sold to us as civilized, this small change in the way we clear our bodies of waste and toxins has brought on a number of health problems that plague us today. You can control to some extent your need to defecate by contracting or releasing the anal sphincter. And then in the same conversation she insists that I write a little bit about my brand new Squatty Potty.

The Squatty Potty project started out as a winning project pitch on the TV show Shark Tank, where the creators pitched their little poop stool idea, and apparently impressed somebody. But while the cute video and witty puns capture our attention, the more important question is this: DOES SQUATTY POTTY WORK? Way back when our species split off from the apes and came down out of the trees, whenever we had to do a no. It’s comfortable to sit on when in use, though it does make magazine and book reading a bit more difficult.
And if you think this post was totally full of shit, I’m not going to disagree with you. Modern plumbing was invented to eliminate the problems associated with millions of humans squatting to poop. By elevating the feet off the bathroom floor, the body is able to assume a squatting position without any danger or discomfort. All the information on the benefits of squatting were, as I mentioned, taken from the Squatty Potty website and are not endorsed by me or any medical professional. Our bodies rely on a bend between the rectum, where the feces is stored- and the anus- where the feces comes out.
You see, humans had a tendency to squat and poop in the most convenient places in order to get their waste out of sight. The Squatty Potty website says they’re for sale at Target, but I found them only online. The puborectaclis is relaxed, the colon is unconstricted, and elimination is quick and healthy the way millions of years of evolution have designed it to be.
It’s a lifelong dilemma, inherited from a long line of constipated, hemorrhoid-ridden pot sitters.

Without going into details that some may find too graphic, the elimination process does in fact seem to be more efficient. Its purpose is basically to hold things in and prevent us from shitting our pants at random, inconvenient times.
When people were squatting and pooping all over the place, nasty diseases had a tendency to follow. Then think about how much you love modern plumbing and the water treatment plant and how much you appreciate sitting on the clean, hygienic flush toilet. At this point I’m glad I bought one, and I plan on using it and keeping track of its effect on things.
But apparently, when we sit in the conventional way on our modern toilets, this puborectalis muscle remains contracted around the colon. They sell the original plastic versions (called the ECCO model) as well as fancier wooden models and even an inflatable plastic version. It creates a kink in the colon, and we therefore have to strain to push our poo through it. They also sell other easy-pooping items like a bidet and natural constipation relief pills.

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