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The Rope worm as a possible new type of parasite was presented recently at a 2013 International Chronic Disease Conference by a Dr.
It has been reported that they can be over one meter long, with an irregular cylindrical shape, resembling a rope. Very informative, thank you for the info, I been seeing these things for bout 8 years or so, could never find anything online that resembled them, then thought it was in my head.
I have been doing organic Olivia’s herbal parasite cleanse and I have found many of these come out of me. I plan on doing a parasite cleanse twice a year from now on and will try my hardest to eat cleaner.
I have studied medical parasitology, helminthology and invertebrate zoology up to the graduate level.
I expelled things after awhile that looked exactly the shape of whatever tube it was in.I mean big but I hadnt heard about this.
So when these guys hide in tissues and organs not the intestines, when we do a parasite cleanse, it’s targeting them everywhere yes? Well from all the research I have done on rope worm, I can only conclude that the reason they have not been seen or noticed since 2009 , well before 2009 I mean is because they very much resemble intestinal lining and mucous. Take a look at the longest ones reported- ’bout the length of the small intestine, right?
I expelled something like this, but only 6 inches long… and i think i have more lurking inside my gut.
Can I ask what kind of diet you are following to achieve the level of success you are having at eliminating the ropes? I happen to like garlic and ginger very much so I tend to eat a clove or two daily in cooked food or raw in salads.
I have found this diet helped a lot with my belly distention problem and I am going to try and add these things back one by one to find out which is causing the problem, but currently I am just happy to have my figure back.
From what I understand, the coffee is processed differently by the body when it is injected into the colon – vs.
Let us know when these things finally stop coming out and hopefully the pain and depression goes away with them!

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From two-tone backless designs to chicly upholstered seats, Glosco offers one cool stool collection. D548-124,-130 bar stool has gray toned fabric seat with medium brown faux leather back and dark brown rustic wood frame. These anaerobic intestinal “rope” parasites differ significantly from other well-known intestinal parasites. Its existence and the patented treatment methods are now being promoted by alternative health experts such as Dr Dietrich Klinghardt for sufferers of Lyme’s Disease, Morgellons and even children with Autism. One or two would come out, but always 12-24 hours AFTER the enema and ALWAYS associated with mucus. Our Holistic Doctor provided Parasite M – which has all the ingredients you listed in your post. I started finding things much bigger than this after my stomach became really big, like impacted almost. By 2020, we want all our wood to come from more sustainable sources, defined as certified or recycled.Product is possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.
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For the last 3-4 weeks I have been doing daily coffee enemas along with 2 water flush enemas (1 before coffee retention enema and 1 approx. My health was deteriorating starting with migraines, infections, swollen glands and eventually started twitching in my muscles causing involuntary bodily movements.
I am doing outpatient at the hospital, have had a colonoscopy where they said I have a tortuous colon in sigmoid and cesum but I dont know what it really means or what Im supposed to eat ect.Just got this diagnosis. D548-324,-330 is a metal stool design in a glazed bronze tone with wood growth ring seat detail in medium brown.
But these jelly-like worms are perfect examples of strains of gut flora shedding their cell walls, growing hyphae (going into hyphal form), making structures of polysacchiride (sugar-base) material, and catching food particulate and other strains of gut flora, viruses and the like in them. I tried coffee enemas several years ago for a couple of weeks and doggone it I ended up craving coffee. I had a bunch of gyno testing that came back clear except for cysts & lesions in my ovaries.
The second stage is viscous snot, or mucus with visible gas bubbles that act as suction cups. The first stage is slimier mucus with fewer bubbles, which can reside almost anywhere in the human body. Also, I am starting small doses of pure gum spirits (pure form of turpentine) soon, so we’ll see how this affects things, if at all.
I started getting the runny nose, watery eye,s sneezing, flu like symptoms, which proved I had the die off symptoms. If you ever see broken pieces of corn, sunflower seeds, or rice like things on your stool, those are eggs! The parasite label one, I have, includes: quassia wood, fresh green black walnut hulls, fresh garrya herb, clove bud, and bayberry root bark.

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