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Note: The Times Union is not responsible for posts and comments written by non-staff members. As children grow and play sports, there are always going to be little bumps and bruises along the way. The top of the patella is connected to the quadricep (upper thigh) muscles group via a tendon.
Chondromalacia is presented when there is a roughening of the cartilage on the backside of the patella.
If the kneecap does not track perfectly through the groove in the femur, it will cause too much pressure on the patella. People with flat feet will cause the knees to buckle inwards and put unnecessary pressure upon the kneecap. The quadriceps muscles as already stated are the most important group in relation to chondromalacia. Although there are several types of knee problems in children, this is just one of the more popular ones. That looks like it might be impetigo - it is very contagious but not dangerous.  I'd call your doctor. Jen (36) and DH (38)Overcoming severe MFI and low progesterone!  2 miraculous, natural BFPs!DS 11-28-2012, Baby #2 due Aug. I'd like to think it's something from contact since only on knees, but do call Dr in morning. Bedtime fears are common for preschoolers, but children can be frightened of all sorts of things. This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only.
I’ve  just been going on longer, more challenging walks and  started yoga classes.  Then the knee acted up.

Exercise and eating right  go hand in hand but if you are out of sync with one, don’t abandon the other because half a good habit is better than none.
I do have help from excellent trainers at UAlbany who deal with injury, rehabilitation and corrective exercise. As they grow they will also go through several growth spurts which often cause pain in their young joints.
It is common in children because of the growth of the quadricep muscles in relation to the bone growth. When one of those muscles is stronger than another one, the muscles are said to be imbalanced. It is very important to work in the first few degrees of knee bending, because this is when the least amount of pressure is placed upon the knee cap. Children will often suffer ligament damage or fractures while playing sports and these exercises are therefore not always appropriate.
It can be caused by rubbing the skin and irritating the hair follicles, so I'm sure it could be caused by crawling. Last week I went into the “child’s pose” and my knee hurt so much, I felt like I’d never be able to get out of it – so much for relaxing. My orthopedic doctor told me to get back to activity in a few days.  In the meantime, I am going to eat right. So when this happens, best to think it’s because your changing your body and not wearing out or getting old.
One of the more common injuries in young athletes is pain located under the kneecap or medically known as, chondromalacia (con-dro-ma-la-chia). When the knee is bent, the kneecap will glide up and through a groove along the femur (upper thighbone). The bones in children tend to grow quicker than the muscles, therefore causing tightness within the quadriceps.

People who are susceptible usually have uneven knees (knock-kneed), wider hips, or rotation of the tibia (lower leg bone).
As with any exercise program, one should first consult their family doctor or athletic therapist for further instructions or warnings. Obviously from all of the comments it's hard to say what rashes are for sure unless you ask your doctor. As we will see, the quadriceps are vitally important in preventing and treating this condition. The pain associated with this disorder is from the inflammation of the kneecap cartilage, as it presses against the femur during bending of the knee.
If this causes any knee pain, place a small towel under the knee to avoid fully straightening the knee. Slowly lower your body down against the wall until your knees are at 30-60 degrees flexion (knees bending), or you can no longer see your toes with your head pressed up the wall.
They don't seem to bother him, and they seem to be isolated on his knees (where his knee caps are, not inner knee).
The pain associated with this disorder will usually consist of a dull-achy pain, which gets worse with stair climbing and deep-knee bends. The following will describe how to decrease the associated pain and prevent this injury from occurring.
Proper exercises will help the patella slide in that groove easier, therefore decreasing the pain. These exercises should be done daily instructed by an athletic therapist to create good results.

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