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My wedding is very non-traditional, and my fiance wanted invitations based on the Fallout series of video games. Nancy was unfamiliar with the game, but clearly did extensive research in creating the invitations.
She was in constant contact, checking every step of the way to ensure we were happy with the finished product. We saw at least 2 versions of proofs, working closely with Nancy to add additional touches.

Please allow for additional time as this is a much more time consuming process, as well as having to have custom plates made.Please drop me an email and we can talk about ideas you may have.
I have experienced some hesitation from vendors in planning my wedding, but Nancy was excited and proactive throughout the process. The listings you see in my shop are all customizable, and can even be used as jumping off points, an idea to get us started in the direction you envision. I received the printed invitations within two and a half days of being notified they had shipped (coming to Michigan from Oregon).

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