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Has your obsession with MLB caps gone past the typical bad hair day coverup to become a full-time, color-coordinated accessory? Hand-made in the USA, this limited edition Kenton Sorenson Dopp Kit ($135) is constructed of natural leather that'll age beautifully with use.
The Hideo Feather Carry-On Trolley ($190) is a fine example, with a lightweight, water-repellent nylon exterior, three outer zippered pockets, three mesh interior pockets, a zipper closure, and adjustable straps to hold everything in place.

Available in two-, six-, or 24-cap varieties, the carriers are made from either crush-proof neoprene or high-tensile strength nylon, ensuring that your beloved headwear will arrive looking as fresh as a cap straight from Jerry Ferrara's Entourage wardrobe.
We recommend sticking with the green or red models, lest you need to adorn it in garish muti-colored straps to keep it standing out in the wilds that are baggage claim.

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