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She came in to rescue very red and sore as her previous owners could not afford to treat her skin condition. Looking for an insurance quote for a dog you're thinking of adopting or a pet you already own?Click Here.
She is now in a foster home andA  continuing to improve daily, both in health and in settling into home life.
Her foster mum is convinced ita€™s because Poppy is frightened she is being taken somewhere else again.

She is now responding well to treatment and her condition (which is not contagious) is improving daily. Her wonderful foster mum and dad have worked on her toilet training and she in now fully toilet trained and clean in the house.A  She also sleeps through the night on her own without any tears!
This girl has already been through so much and we want to get her settled in her new home during her precious puppy years so she can be brought up in a safe, loving, environment and learn about the world with her forever family.
Poppy is a real personality, she loves to play but also loves to curl up on the sofa and have a good cuddle and sleep.

If you think you could give this amazing little character a lovely home than please get in touch. She is a typical happy Staffy who is adoring the love and warmth of being in a home with human company.

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