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After I potty trained my two oldest boys before the age of three with absolutely no issues, I thought I was an expert. When we agreed to ditch diapers completely, I was worried about bed time more than anything else. If an accident happens, just toss the disposable liner in the garbage, and the underwear are machine washable on their own.
You can sleep even easier by saving $4 off of your purchase of a GoodNites TruFit Starter Kit, with this Jebbit coupon. GoodNites TruFit are one way to encourage self-esteem and confidence in your potty-training child. My mother-in-law took over watching my three children (2.5-year-old twins and 6-month-old baby) when I went back to work from maternity leave. I love my MIL a lot and I care a lot about what she thinks (much more so than my husband does) – especially about our parenting. Let me skip all my usual wind-up and get right to the main point: Day training and night are two separate processes and require two separate stages of physical development. I have no problem with any of this, really, but if you think Imma gunna be changing wet sheets five or six times a week instead of putting my kid in something adequately absorbent at night just because I don’t want his preschool teacher to judge me, you cray. I really agree that your twins are simply not physically ready to stay dry all night and you should save your sanity and try again in a couple months.
Here’s an article on nighttime potty training — one of probably a million out there that says essentially the same thing.
Amy also documented her second pregnancy (with Ezra) in our wildly popular Weekly Pregnancy Calendar, Zero to Forty. Sign up for the web’s most entertaining (while informative) weekly newsletter on your pregnancy! I’d just suggest you find some articles to show your MIL that things have changed from when she was a parent, and that she needs to let this one go.
Good God…two months of poor sleep and all that laundry because you didn’t want to contradict your MIL? And for the record, the no pull ups thing is a common concept with potty training – but like Amy said, night and day training are completely different!
Our girl twins day-time trained at age 3 — thank goodness for their daycare teacher who bootcamped the whole class at once! I know it will be really really hard for you to do NOT what your MIL thinks, especially because you love & respect her so much.
My doctor was supportive of us doing whatever we had to do to be comfortable until I grew out of it. Seems like it might help you avoid conflict with MIL, and reduce nighttime work and laundry. I do have some potty training tips for you, but before sharing them I’ll fully disclose that only one of my children is nighttime potty trained at this point.
Nearly three years ago after Lovey had successfully finished daytime potty training a wonderful teacher told me she should be nighttime potty trained right away.
Fast forward another year and add story after story of friends whose children, younger than Lovey, were nighttime potty training almost instantly. Fast forward another year and just this past week Tinker decided she was going to start sleeping in underwear. Whether you are just beginning to think about overnight potty training for your little ones or you have an older child who is close (or not so close) to overnight potty training, I hope these tips are helpful. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 20% of 5-year-olds, 10% of 7-year-olds, and 5% of 10-year-olds may still wet the bed.
I like to use the example of when baby teeth start falling out because Lovey started losing teeth early before all of her friends. I am very selective about who I choose to place on my sidebar and only affiliate with companies who are quality, make life easier, and or I absolutely LOVE.
For one week only we are offering 30% off the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum for Toddlers with the code FAITHFUL30 at checkout. ClevaMama (remember them?!?) sent me their Toilet Training Sleep Mat to try out for kiddo and it has made a world of difference.
Aside from one epic fail of a false start right at the beginning of our potty training journey, which I talked about in this post, potty training at our house was super easy.
Of course, this is assuming you can actually get him to go to sleep, which is a whole separate battle issue all on it’s own. An amazing thing started to happen when we put him in Pull Ups Night Time Training Pants, he started waking up drier than in the past.
Related PostsWhen Your Kid Is NOT Ready For Potty-TrainingFlushable Wipes Caused Our Plumbing Problems, So We Found Something Better! They’re actual underwear, made with super soft fabric, but they have a secret weapon. Just tuck the disposable insert into the pocket inside the underwear, and they’re ready to wear.
One of her stipulations was that they could not sleep in pull-ups once they were potty trained. The rate of failure is so much greater than the rate of success in the night time arena and we can’t take it. I know that if we switch to pull-ups we will get a lot of comments about how she disagrees with us and that stresses me out. I’ve written about night-training before — many children are capable of controlling their bladders and bowels during the day, while awake, but have simply not yet hit the physiological milestone where their bladders are capable of WAKING THEM UP and holding urine in all night. On our first day she outlined her potty-training plan — wait for interest, let peer pressure do most of the work, toilet seat adapter rather than separate potty chair, emphasis on big-kid underwear and no pull-ups. He wore pull-ups for awhile, and eventually I suspected that he COULD stay dry but was mostly just not bothering to get up in the morning.
The common wisdom is that boys take longer to night-train in general, but there will always be exceptions to that. While my nighttime potty-training experiences were totally different with my first two, both times I was able to use diapers as a motivator.
But for a situation like yours, when your have kids who are reliably trained during the day and are maybe one growth spurt away from training at night? Her approach is really nice in theory and obviously worked like gangbusters during the day and that’s awesome.

After 2 months of daily laundry we put him in pull-ups, and like magic he was dry most nights (don’t know if it was the extra physical pressure of the pull-ups vs. We tried everything from restricting liquids, to having my mom wake me up during the night.
Your kids don’t want to wake up wet (it’s a horrible feeling) and everyone deserves to get their sleep! A month later the kid with all kinds of gross motor dine motor and speech delays was night trained too.
And it’s not my five year old. When I was asked to share my thoughts on potty training in this sponsored post, I thought maybe our experience could help others who have questions or concerns about nighttime potty training. Talk with your pediatrician about the expectations and facts about overnight potty training. Encourage kids to drink a lot of liquids during the day, but after dinner try and limit drinks as much as possible. But also know that you can do all of these things and if your child isn’t ready, they won’t work (yet). So you’ve done everything you can, and your child insists she’s ready to sleep overnight in underpants.
Training pants like, Pampers Easy Ups, are a great way for your child to self-monitor whether they are ready to sleep in underpants yet. As kids get older and they realize more of their friends and siblings are able to sleep through the night without wetting the bed, they may have questions or feel a bit insecure. You’re right, all children are different and you never quite know what will be the game changer for each child. My oldest is in pull ups at night while our youngest has been in panties for almost a year. I hope you find plenty of great ideas for fun learning activities and things to do with kids. He still is wet most mornings, but at least now I am only having to wash one thing instead of all of his bedding. I have found a few pins on Pinterest about nighttime potty training suggesting limiting liquids, doing reward charts and waking up the kiddo in the middle of the night, but so far I haven’t found anything that has really worked for us. We felt like D showed us signs that he was ready to potty train and we let him take the lead. Dom is a heavy sleeper complete zombie and absolutely dead to the world once he falls asleep.
He did the daytime potty training very quickly and easily, but night time was a whole other story. He has done an amazing job of teaching us that we are always learning and growing when it comes to parenting, and that we are not experts at anything.
After a lot of patience, persistence, and mini marshmallows, I can finally say that he is fully potty trained during the day. Having a small dim light in the bathroom, or near the door to it helps give them the confidence to get out of bed and make that trek. Tripping over a toy could mean the difference between making it to the potty and having an accident.
The more things that are in the way, the more likely it will be for your child to not make it to the toilet.
This was a tip from our pediatrician when I was talking to him about how Mayhem used the toilet at home during the day, but diapers or training pants when we would leave the house, or at night. When she's not saying "keep your body parts off of your brother," she enjoys cooking gourmet meals for the harshest five-year-old food critic in town, tuning out the blasting volume of the television, and running through a Lego obstacle course with bare feet. It took about a month but they effectively have no accidents during the day, can tell us when they have to go potty, etc. Her response was that we are making them step backwards to make life easier for ourselves and for our own comfort.
I told him pull-ups cost too much money and he was going to wear the same one-size cloth diapers as his little brother. Not a pull-up, not a diaper masquerading as some kind of in-between big-kid pant, but a diaper.
Only 66% of children under three are capable of staying dry, and no amount of bedwetting and sheet-changing is going to make a lick of difference for the remaining 34%. But she’s missing a crucial bit of SCIENCE behind night-training and you and your husband are suffering needlessly because of it. You shouldn’t be dreading daily comments and general undermining about your parenting.
You did your own independent research into the issue and have decided that they are not physiologically ready and the accidents are taking a toll on the whole family, so you plan to try again in a couple months, end of story.
They have both just turned 4 and his brother (typically developing) is just now sort of ready to stay dry at night. There were times when we tried sleeping with underpants at Lovey’s request, but it didn’t work. I like to have two mattress pads so quick clean up and linen changes are as easy as possible.
Then you hear the pitter patter of feet down the hall and a groggy, distressed child wakes you up in the middle of the night.
How I react during those few moments completely affects her feelings about the accident and potty training in general.
The indicator on the front lets them know as soon as they wake up whether they’ve made it through the night. Take this time to assure them that our bodies are all different and they are ready for different things at different times. Knowing that helps her accept that her body just isn’t ready to make it through the night yet, but she’s confident it will be soon and I am, too. Since writing this article my now 6 year old one night asked to sleep in underwear and aside from the occasional accident, she’s been sleeping without training pants ever since.
But my second one still wet her panties during day time while running around,she is 4 years old and now no accidents at night. Our meeting space may be gone but we will continue to be a light for Jesus in this community!
It is great because it feels like a lightweight blanket so it doesn’t bother him at all.

I asked him if he pee peed in his bed and he just looked at me and said, “No, it is wet though. It went so well, once we realized he was ready for it, that he went straight into underwear with very few accidents.
And as he started to notice that he was drier, he began to really enjoy it and started getting better about making it through the night! It also helps to make sure they’re drinking mostly water, and less juices, soda, teas, and other sugary drinks, which tend to cause more frequent urination. Make it a family chore right before bed to pick up anything that might block the way between the bed and the bathroom. Have them use the toilet once again as the very last thing they do before you leave them to fall asleep, to make sure they’ve completely emptied their bladder. But sleep is something I don’t get a lot of, and I was worried about having to get up multiple times each night to change sheets. But is it really stepping backwards if they aren’t successfully making it through the night consistently?
And they aren’t going to screw everything up and cause death and destruction and a zillion daytime accidents. The author also recommends putting your child in pull-ups if they are having more than two or three accidents A MONTH. We tried going without pull ups for naps and that worked, so we went to night time as well.
I too wet the bed weekly until MIDDLE SCHOOL, and wished I’d had the option of pull-ups or ANYTHING that would help me avoid the morning shame. For night training, we brought a little potty into his room and set his sleeping butt on it before we went to bed, and then again at about 3 am. After 3 months of mostly dry pull-ups we tried underpants again but the boxer variety, working on the extra pressure theory(even though I doubt there is any evidence to support that), and it worked!
Soon your body will be ready.” Then we work together to quickly change linens and clothes, and I give her a big reassuring hug and kiss as I tuck her back into bed. We go super easy on the water after about 5pm, we make a big deal about going potty right before bed time, and he usually even comes out to go potty one more time before he falls asleep.
I often found my mind boggled at the sheer volume of liquid that could come from his body in 12 hours. Remember up at the start of this post, how I mentioned that Dom skipped right over training pants and went straight into underwear? I don’t know… Thanks so much for sharing your story, I really appreciate it and you know I love you tons girl! However, we are still struggling with the nighttime accidents and bed-wetting, though we have found some ways to help make him more confident and have more dry nights and mornings.
If anything, it seems to be getting worse and we are just tired of feeling like we are in a losing battle. I am starting my daughter next weekend, and I have no intention of even trying to do nights yet. Well, I thought he was like some kind of superstar (and obviously he is, duh) but because of that, it never crossed my mind to get Pull Ups® Training Pants.
Forcing a kid who isn’t physically capable to wake up in a puddle of urine and wet sheets night after night, losing precious sleep time to baths and pajama changes, sounds kind of…awful? Yes, she sounds wonderful in many ways and obviously raised at least one awesome child, your husband. In fact, it is making it worse because your kids are exhausted, YOU are exhausted, and this is putting too much pressure on everyone.
Though I have had family members insist that we push harder for nighttime to be accident free, I am sticking to my guns. One was that when his body is ready it will happen and two was that part of it is hereditary. I would say between the two of them we have one night a week where someone doesn’t wet the bed. He is 27 months now and we still take him before we go to bed and he’s dry 99% of nights.
I wondered, “What was I doing wrong?” Not to mention I was perfectly happy with her wearing Pampers Easy Ups at night. Finally, after a really positive and supportive talk with our pediatrician we decided not to stress it anymore and just let it happen when it happens. Pull Ups partnered with a world renowned child psychologist to help create an easier way to potty train by creating little personality profiles. With that said I asked mike how long it took him and he wet the bed until like 3-4th grade.
We are constantly doing laundry, having to get up and change the sheets and give baths at 3 in the morning, all the while trying to keep them quiet so they don’t wake up the baby in the next room, etc, and it is really wearing on my husband and I. If you disagree with something she’s doing, you absolutely have the right to tell her that. It took a week or so to get it, and in the meantime we layered his bed with blankets and puppy pads to make cleanup a breeze.
My parents put me in therapy where an electronic device was inserted in my underpants and beeped loudly when it got wet. Between this and the baby who mostly sleeps through the night but sometimes doesn’t, it is just hard. Their bodies will get used to the pee schedule if you don’t expect them to hold it for too long. As you can imagine a boy in the 3rd grade still wetting the bed is quite embarrassing for him. There aren’t enough legos, donuts, dinosaurs, or hot wheel cars in the universe to get him up in the middle of the night.
Card-holding member of the completely knocked out, sleep through a fire alarm sleeper club, right here.

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