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Teamwork Puppy School runs a free session to give some guidance about the things to consider before you buy your puppy. This is a 4 week course that offers socialisation and play with other puppies in a safe, enclosed environment and advice on managing typical puppy behaviour such as house training, nipping, chewing and jumping. The aim of this course is to give you the skills and knowledge to raise a happy, social and obedient dog. The benefits associated with going to a good dog trainer or dog training school are enormous. One of the first and most important criteria for choosing your dog training school is the training style they employ.
Check out the success stories, testimonials and references of the dog training schools you are considering. Work out what you expect from going to dog training school and write down any goals you have for your dog. Check that the schools take vaccinations seriously - especially if you are going to a puppy kindergarten class.
Other factors of less importance are the location of the school and also the price of the lessons. Once you’ve decided on dog obedience school, the best place to start searching for the perfect trainer is usually by word-of-mouth. Speak with all trainers to ensure the people educating your dog have credentials such as Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA). Have you ever enrolled your pet in a dog obedience class? What were some of the best tips you learned?
At this session we will discuss choice of breed, things to do before puppy comes home, how to handle some common puppy problems and suggest ways to turn your little bundle of joy into a well-balanced and happy adult dog.
The course also covers handling and examination, puppy sits, drops and recalls and the fundamentals of lead walking.
Plus obedience training helps to build and strengthen the close bond you and your dog will enjoy together.

The number one reason why we have such a large number of dogs ending up in animal shelters and being destroyed is various behavioral problems. You should be asked for proof that your dog has been properly vaccinated and is up to date with all shots.
What you spend in terms of both time and money will be well and truly paid back by the benefits gained through obedience training.
The food you feed to your dog also plays a vital role in shaping your dog's life - what is the best dog food? Take the time to talk with the dog trainer to ensure his or her training philosophy is in line with your own expectations.
Classes typically are held once a week for anywhere from seven to ten weeks (or even more).
Would you like to drive more traffic and sales to your site through a search-optimized pet blog? I'm the office dog at BuzzFarmers, a creative company that produces blog campaigns for businesses. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Problems that in many cases can easily be prevented or extinguished through some basic obedience training.
Look for dog trainers who encourage and reward desirable behavior in their students rather than by using intimidation and heavy handed punishment. Most important when choosing a dog trainer is that you determine if they have a genuine love of dogs and enthusiasm for the task at hand. Make note of the equipment used in classes, the class sizes, general atmosphere (should be fun!), cleanliness and safety. A great source of information and feedback can be unearthed by speaking with your Vet, your dog groomer or talking with dog lovers at dog shows or your local dog park. You need to be the person training your dog but sometimes it is handy to get some individual help.

Remember that training your dog is not something you do once a week when you go to class, it should be an ongoing process that you build upon each and every day. There are many different types of obedience classes, and different levels of achievement your pup may fit best in.
Consistency will help your dog learn best, so try your best to pick a class that will work with your and your pup’s busy schedule.
Consider a clicker training class that relies on repetition, cooperation and positive reinforcement to achieve the desired result. Are they training dogs because they love the species or are they just going through the motions like it's some 9 to 5 dead end job? Something to keep in mind is that dog training is not an intuitive process, you need to be educated how to do it by someone who is properly trained and experienced. Other people you could ask are your dog’s groomer, animal hospital personnel, or even animal shelter staffers. Make sure to look around to be sure that there are no dangers for dogs, and also be sure that there’s no easy way for a dog to get loose. If your pet has scheduling conflicts – like wanting to watch a Cesar Millan marathon on television – make sure to remind him that you are the boss, and training is a must!
They will be able to tell you specifics about the classes their dog took, and should honestly choose whether or not to recommend the trainer. Even if you have to travel a little further, you want to be sure you are somewhere you trust and feel comfortable. You’ll be required to practice these new routines at home with your dog, so you should know how to do everything correctly.

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