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The Humane Society and Home Buddies by Camp Bow Wow have teamed up to offer dog obedience group classes at the Humane Society. This reward-based training is where you will start your journey to having a well-behaved dog by focusing on creating reliable behaviors and getting your dog to focus on you.
This reward-based training class is designed to make your dog well-behaved in public, or to prepare you for the Canine Good Citizen test.
We adopted Cece- now known as Sunny Day- and knew that she was going to be the perfect dog. I offer general dog obedience training for all breeds of dogs including difficult untrained dogs.
You may decide your dog needs to learn all the basic dog training commands or you may decide you would prefer to select specific dog training exercises to suit you.
Your first session may start with me training your dog to perform a particular exercise such as walking to heel.
Luxe Dog provides a full menu of dog grooming services ranging from a simple bath to a show ring cut. This service includes a full body hair cut, clipping and scissoring to breed style, bath and blow dry, brushing and combing out, ear cleaning and plucking (if necessary) and nail cutting.

These programs are designed for puppies at least 12 weeks of age and older dogs in need of a basic foundation of training and socializing. We know you're busy and we appreciate that shopping for your pet's food and accessories is time consuming. Personalize your online experience to stay up-to-date on news, events and other information. If you are looking to purchase website development and website designing packages at affordable prices then contact website designnerz India company. We add distractions and distance to the basic behaviors to help your dog advance and make the behaviors reliable.
All sessions are booked by the hour at my secure training grounds, your home or selected location. Does your dog pull on the leash, nip, jump up, not come when called, bark?  Are you facing challenges with house training, destructiveness, disobedience?  If you’ve answered yes to any of these common behavior or training issues, my classes are you for.
It is recommended your pup has had their 2nd set of shots and your vet has approved class attendance.
We know you love your pet and want to give them the very best but sometimes that falls to the end of your list and before you know it, the day is over and you haven't completed all the tasks on your "to do" list.

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We love her so much, and without the wonderful staff and volunteers at HSTB, we probably wouldn’t have come home with a puppy. Thank you so much for a wonderful adoption, and I hope to have many more visits to the shelter.

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