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The Cape Rottweiler Club is a progressive dog club that prides itself on promoting humane and positive, science-based training and handling methods.
At the Cape Rottweiler Club we offer puppy classes, basic obedience classes (including preparation for the Canine Good Citizen Test) and competition obedience training.
As a club that initially arose out of a previously disadvantaged area, we see one of our core goals as education of the general dog-owning public to improve the quality of life for both dogs and owners.
The Cape Rottweiler Club, affiliated to the Kennel Union of Southern Africa was founded in 2007 and is a Rottweiler specialist club, training all breeds of dogs. The intent of the club is to promote good fellowship and friendly interaction amongst all persons who have the interest of dogs and especially of the Rottweiler at heart. Morningstar Dog Training provides personal in-home dog training sessions for basic obedience or specific behavioral issues for all ages and breeds of dogs. An initial 5 week in-home program consisting of once-a-week sessions, concentrates on essential skills: sit, come, watch me, stay, heel, down and free. The basic course is designed to establish good manners around the house and in your neighborhood. Advanced level training, group training and socialization sessions are also available to fit your personal needs. Dog Harness Shop: Leather, Nylon, Studded, Spiked, Pulling, Walking, Training Harnesses for All Dog Breeds .
Some would say that American Lab is code for backyard breeders that do not conform to the breed standard and therefore are________________? If you want a well bred dog, go to the retriever training forum and look in the classifieds, go to a hunt test and watch some dogs run. Somebody said this earlier but I agree that's it's about what suits your eye in terms of looks, style, temperment, drive, ect and finding a breeding that fits the bill for what you want in a dog. The posts above describing the difference in the physical characteristics between the English and American seem to be pretty accurate, short and stocky verses tall and rangy.
Anectdotally, it would appear that the preferred standard is the English standard as evidenced by the ads you see for Labs. It's also hard to ignore the fact that there are an awful lot of folks breeding Labs in their backyards that are not knowledgeable enough to bred to the traditional English standard and as a result a dog wil have less conforming characteristics ultimately resulting in something resembling the American standard.
For the record, I am currently on my 3rd lab and all three of them have been American Labs.

We actively endeavour to treat the dogs under our care with dignity and respect, recognising that they are sentient beings capable of feeling pain, fear, anxiety and distress as well as contentment, social attachment and pleasure. In all our classes the dogs are motivated to work with their owners through positive reinforcement: we believe in careful and intelligent training that sets our dogs up to succeed so that we can reward those behaviours we want to encourage. This includes sharing information on sterilization, health concerns, nutrition, general animal husbandry and responsible dog ownership. Myers, Cape Coral, Estero, Sanibel - Personal, professional in home consultations and dog training programs for all dogs, obedience training, and behavioral problem solving.
If your dog has a specific behavioral issue, this will also be included in your basic 5 week program. All requests received on Monday-Friday from 9 am till 5 pm EST will be processed within 2 hours time frame.All requests that we receive out of this time frame or during weekends or holidays will be processed next business day.
It is our pleasure to share what we have learned with you and ensure the class progresses at a comfortable speed for both you and your dog.
Whether your interest is Conformation, Puppy Kindergarten, Day Training, Rally Obedience, Canine Good Citizen, or just having fun with your dog. My british dog has horrible breath and the only knock I have on her is her nervouse habit of wanting to lick all the time. I have a british dog that is from a field bloodline and she has a slender athletic build, small head, and weighs about 60lbs when she's in shape. Would it be fair to say that most kennels breed to the English standard and prominently feature the fact in their websites. This promotes a positive emotional state in our dogs and a willingness to work with us as a team.
In addition we advocate only carefully-considered breeding of registered dogs that have been shown to be suitable in both health and temperament. I've been around a lot of field trials and tests, and the main standard I see people searching for is a litter with the most potential. Point being I don't care if they are american or british and I think there are good and bad representatives from both. For a trial or plain old hunting dog, I'm looking for ability and intelligence first, and looks are way down on the list. Top quality dogs and puppies that are health screened by board certified veterinary specialists.

Shannan and her husband founded Finish Forward Dogs, Inc in 2009.Growing up in midcoast Maine, Shannan lived with Spaniels, Shih Tzus, Goldens, Labs and an Alaskan Malamute.
Know what you want in a dog and do the research to find what you want, regardless of british, american, irish or anything else.
Pups are born and reared in a loving home environment and young adults are also occasionally available. Now more than eleven years later, I owe great thanks to my own dog, Brina, for teaching me the value in quiet patience, clear communication, consistent leadership and a very healthy sense of humor.
I would not trade the challenges Brina and I faced at the beginning of our relationship for anything in the world because it's always the struggle that makes us stronger.
It was there that Shannan worked alongside Teri Robinson, CPDT before assuming the position of Director of Training where she taught up to 15 classes a week and directed a team of three additional trainers. Willow is the newest addition to the pack - an AmStaff who joined the family in June of 2013.
Sadly, May of 2010 marked the loss of their 8 year old shepherd mix, Tucker TT, after his battle with Mast Cell Disease.
It was a natural progression for Rebeccah to follow in her mothera€™s footsteps, working with two shelties and a collie in obedience before the age of 15. All three dogs held obedience titles in both the United States and Canada.As a member of several different obedience clubs and captain of the Flyball MAINEiacs, Rebeccah actively competes in both sports and coaches her flyball team. She also attends seminars and classes in order to stay up-to-date with the newest training methods and ideas, and has earned her CPDT accreditation (Certified Pet Dog Trainer).Rebeccaha€™s training style is a blend of intuition and creativity which enables her to deliver uncomplicated and effective solutions.
Finally she is also a part of Finish Forwarda€™s Behavior Modification Program, helping ownera€™s and dogs navigate through behavior problems such as dog reactivity, aggression, and frustration.
Danielle has participated and demonstrated in local Bite Prevention demonstrations, as well as worked the basics in bite work and sports such as Personal Protection and French Ring. She has attempted to try everything she can, and in turn it has taught her many techniques in problem solving training and bonding with her dogs. It helps her communicate to her clients the importance of having fun with your dog while teaching them a job.

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