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We offer many different levels of classes from basic obedience, everyday dog manners to advance obedience, flyball, agility, tracking and more!
Stop by to watch or sign up for an obedience class on any Sunday at our outdoor training facility (4375 N. Call (414) 961-6163 for more information about our classes or to register for our next class.
Create a bond with your puppy while you learn how to raise a healthy, happy, well-mannered dog!
With all the Show Wins that go into our monthly newsletters, many of you may be wondering what all of these title acronyms mean. Open: The second level, Open, results in your dog earning a Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) title. UDX: Utility Dogs that continue to compete and earn legs in both Open B and Utility B at 10 shows receive the title Utility Dog Excellent (UDX). OTCh: To earn an Obedience Trial Champion title (OTCh) The dog and handler must win 100 points. In one type of obedience training, positive reinforcement is used to get the desired action from the dog. There are also different kinds of obedience training for dogs that are separated in levels based on the age of the dog.
More specific types of obedience training for dogs can also be undertaken once the basics are learned. In Dogs We Trust offers dog obedience training for puppies and dogs of all ages in London Ontario .

All group obedience classes are located inside the city of London Ontario at the London Middlesex Civitan Club at 508 Riverside Drive. We teach you positive motivational obedience methods to train your dog so that he enjoys learning and listening to your commands. If you are experiencing a serious behavioural issue such as aggression, separation anxiety or profound fear then private consultations are a more Dog Obedience Training Londoneffective choice. With our positive motivational dog training techniques your dog will enjoy learning and listening to your commands. Most items, such as leashes or training collars, can be purchased at a low cost from the club. Puppies must be between 8-18 weeks old when the class starts, and must have their first set of vaccinations. The title actually describes what is expected of your dog: demonstrating the skills required of a good canine companion. Normally a large dog would have a bigger stride than a smaller dog, for this reason dogs compete against each other by height. The dogs are typically taught basic commands such as how to sit, stay, and come when called; once these commands are learned, different types of obedience training can expand on these lessons. Clicker training is one example of a method that relies more on reinforcement than on correction. Puppy obedience training generally includes the most basic of commands, such as sit and stay, as well as teaching him how to behave around other dogs and groups of people.
Depending on the disposition of the dog and the goals of the owner, there may be a variety of commands and activities that he can be taught.

We agree that dogs are highly social animals that need leadership but it is clear that we can provide this using a positive approach! The dog will have to heel both on and off leash at different speeds, come when called, stay (still and quietly!) with a group of other dogs when told, and stand for a simple physical exam. In addition to more difficult exercises, the dog also must perform scent discrimination tasks.
There are also several different methods of obedience training for dogs, and choosing the correct one depends largely on the personalities and goals of the owner and pet. When the dog exhibits the desired behavior, such as sitting on command, he is rewarded for this. An incorrect act or response gets a correction, typically a sharp tug on the leash and collar along with a verbal warning. Service dogs can be further trained in how to act in situations that involve loud noises, crowds, and a chaotic environment. This is generally used for more strong-willed dogs who are not as eager to obey, or working dogs that need a strict foundation in order to carry out assigned duties. Other dogs may be suited to learning competitive obedience, which usually involves performing certain specific tasks such as heeling off the leash while the owner walks in a preset pattern, or remaining in a sitting position for a time. This type of obedience training for dogs is also commonly used with animals whose lives often depend on their ability to listen and respond quickly to commands.

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