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An answer: There is a small percentage of dogs that may be considered bad, or even dangerous, in the sense that no matter what you do, they will not fit easily into a family setting. So, if only a very small percent of dogs are really bad, why are so many abandoned or euthanized?
With the different wants of owners and the different traits and behaviors that exist in different breeds, mixes, or even lines of pure bred dogs, it can actually be unusual when a perfect match exists. Because of the possibilities for mismatch between a dog and a family, an owner may think that his problem dog is bad or even aggressive.
Our approach does not rule out competition in dog shows, trials, and sports, in fact it enhances it. To develop a great relationship, we must be aware of how we interact with our dogs 24 hours per day, not just when we want to give the dog a command to sit, lie down, or behave. Unfortunately, the idea that the dog should be able to figure everything out leads to the abandonment of millions of dogs each year. For some dogs the response to confusion or mixed messages from their owners may be seen as aggression. Our protocol uses a step by step system that deals with each part of your dog's development and training. Because animal behavior research has made leaps and bounds over the last 2 decades, it is important that you know something about the philosophy and methods of the trainer you choose. In 2006 Moola began her conformation career earning Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best of Breed and Best Puppy at the Indianhead Kennel Club in WI. Moola, Penny, Legend and Angel, Moola's litter sister, is the only Kuvasz family in breed history to be titled in Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Agility and as Therapy Dogs. Penny has been recognized as the top Brood Bitch at three KCA National Specialties and has achieved the title of KCA Hall Of Fame Dam. Moola took time out of her busy schedule to have a litter of puppies sired by Szumeria's Hot Shot On Ice in January 2009.

Moola's sire Legend is the only CH Kuvasz with open level AKC titles in both Obedience and Agility. Chips is the granddaughter of our Multiple Best In Show Winning CH Szumeria’s Nala of Silverpick. Sizzle's dam is CH Szumeria's Wildwood Ruby Tuesday COAA, Tuesday,Top Kuvasz Of The Year All Breed 2005.
This small percentage in no way matches the number of puppies and dogs that are abandoned or euthanized each year. The answer is that everyone has their own idea of what makes a good dog, and each different breed or mix has its own special talents. This is true because many owners do not think about how the specific behavior of a breed or mix will fit them best. Research over the last decade or so shows that many of those behaviors occur because owners don’t understand the ways a dog’s behaviors are formed. It includes knowing how to communicate with your dog, both symbolically, and directly, so that you enjoy your relationship 24 hours a day in both formal and informal situations. For us, relationship requires developing a clear structure for living as well as verbal, non-verbal,  and symbolic “cues” that communicate to our dogs.
It is our continued awareness of the signals we send, both as formal cues or commands, which we might use about 20% of the time, and informally by the ways we interact with our dogs the other 80% of the time. If you have owned one of these wonder dogs, it can make it all the more difficult to understand why it doesn't happen for all dogs. It teaches you how to indicate when you don’t like a dog’s behavior as well as how to develop  reliable commands or cues.
Often the foundation for a relationship is developed in private work and then group work is added to improve a dog’s behavior and performance in social situations around other people and animals.
All of them have been awarded the KCA Top Kuvasz Of The Year In Versatility with Moola and Legend having received this award for outstanding achievement multiple times.

Legend has achieved the title of KCA Outstanding Sire and is well on his way to being a Hall Of Fame Sire. Her favorite pass time is relaxing on the sofa or playing with her beautiful babies, Darla and Tryst, who were born in July of 2014. The following day she won Winner's Bitch and Best of Winners for a 5 point major under Judge Anne Marie Taylor, one point short of her Championship. Fact is, if we don't make it a point to be clear with our dogs about all aspects of their life, they often get mixed messages about when it is ok is to play, how rough to play, when to be a guard dog, and when to relax and let your friends in the house or yard. In many of these cases, an owner's response to this “aggression” and fear, is to remove the dog from the home. Moola's litter sister is BIS, CH Szumeria's Wildwood Penny From Heaven, CD, NJP, RE, CGC, TT, COAA, VOAA, OPA & Therapy Dog (Delta Society). With training, (both the owner and the dog) unwanted behaviors can be prevented, or changed, in over 90% of dogs.
Often, this is not necessary and these situations can be solved by careful behavior development, training, and education for both the dog and the owner. Others have continually updated their approach as new research and information has become available. Ditto was Best Of Opposite Sex at two National Specialties to his sister MBIS MBISS CH Szumeria's Nala Of Silverpick, COAA, VC, who was the top winning kuvasz in breed history from 1998 to 2010. For information about different kinds of training programs, go to our “Selecting a Trainer” page.

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