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Thanks for the input! I never thought of loading the clicker with something besides what I give her for treats every day for training.
Interests:Black Labradors, Cats, Computers, Music, Movies, Golf, Archery, Fishing, Science Fiction. HuntersCreek Retrievers ensures everyone can enjoy owning a Championship AKC Chocolate, Black or Yellow Labrador. AceÂ?s Championship Pedigree also includes FC-AFC-CNAFC-CFC Aces High III, winner of the Purina Award for the Outstanding Field Trial Retriever two consecutive years. Trained on whistle and hand signals for singles, doubles and blinds, Ace is a top performer willing to work for hours in the field. All HuntersCreek RetrieversÂ? dogs are bred with a gentle temperament perfect for children, without sacrificing an outstanding pedigree for Hunting or Field Trial Champions. Champion yellow, black and chocolate lab pups are arriving at HuntersCreek Retrievers in July. A dogÂ?s master plays an integral part in training a well-mannered family pet and working retriever. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. My training approach takes into account the skills and attitudes of the trainer PLUS a practical learning model.
The first few weeks with a new puppy can be challenging, even overwhelming.A  Let us give you the help that will ensure these early days are enjoyable and rewarding for the family and your pup.

Our small group classes are designed to teach you to train your dog to be a responsive canine member of the family and community for life.
I can't say enough good things about the training both myself and my pup 'CC' received from Lorraine a year ago now and it was probably one of the best investments ever for me. With clients throughout the United States, Mexico and Europe, its Labs have become known for their outstanding temperament, trainability, desirability and beautiful confirmation. She's a hard driving, muscular, 80-pound, four-year-old, retrieving machine, beautiful Chocolate, with fantastic trainability, a calm temperament and an engrained hunting spirit. Pups have full two-year health guarantee on hips and eyes, and they are wormed, have had their first shots and vet health certificate. Each dog is taught five commands on and off leash: Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, Down and Kennel for Crate Training. We encourage family members to attend classes including children a€“ this helps to ensure consistency across the family members and build childrena€™s confidence in working with the dog. I did not find it hard to wean her off of the clicker at all and we don't use that many treats either.
For Houston, Texas, area clients HuntersCreek Retrievers also now offers personalized in-home dog training. He won a minor stakes double header to qualify all age before two years of age, finishing his first open at two and a half years of age. The dog is not removed from its familiar surroundings; HuntersCreek Retrievers makes house calls to assist each owner in training the dog to be a working companion.

The life-like Mallard and Quail allows for scent injections directly into the foam, aiding in training, marking, and tracking.
As an adult, your dog may need to learn how to participate with you in a sport such as agility or water work. HuntersCreek Labradors offer a companion for the Field and Family, and now HuntersCreek Retrievers provides a variety of Dog Training Programs and products to increase a dogÂ?s success.
Mary Tatum, DVM, of the nationally known Brittmore Animal Clinic, its hips, elbows and eyes are certified.
HuntersCreek Retrievers goal is to provide positive training reinforcement with the dog and owner close to home. Later in life, your dog will need to learn to behave well as it deals with the physical and emotional changes imposed by aging.
Cheese is my fave, for a special treat.I would do the same thing as i suggested in the Whistle training thread, if your clicker training the dog yourself.
The usage of a long line as well as the clicker.Like i say i have seen dogs that are great on a clicker if used correctly.

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