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Training your Labrador Retriever to be obedient is the key to having a true friend and companion, not just a pet. Some Labrador owners like to snuggle up with their Labs on the couch and allow them to sleep on beds.
Training your Lab has as much to do with understanding your dog, as it has to do with actually getting down to the nitty-gritty of the “sit, stay fetch” stuff. Are You a Proud Lab Parent?Let the world know you are a proud Lab parent with our variety of fun shirt designs.
As most people already know, food is a great motivator for training Labrador Retrievers, especially Lab puppies. Before you start training your Lab puppy, it’s important that you prepare the treats or other food rewards you are going to use.
A common mistake people make when using food in Labrador training is to use the same hand to hold the treat and make the signal.
When first teaching a command, you can use the same hand to give both the signal and the treat a couple of times.
Then keep treats in your pockets, in a bag, on a countertop or any other place that your puppy will not expect the reward to come from. Another important thing to remember when using food rewards is that the treat should always be given where you want your dog to be. When your Labrador Retriever is obeying a certain command 90% of the time, frequent food rewards are no longer necessary.
Sit Means Sit offers in-home dog training services in towns of Ajax, Whitby, Pickering and Oshawa as well as the entire Durham Region of Southern Ontario! By combining our industry-leading results with our reliable customer service, you will achieve the maximum control of your dog both on and off the leash while still allowing your pet to “act like a dog”! Our dog training consultations in your Ajax home will allow you to witness first hand your dog’s transformation, and give you a sense of hope for your unruly dog. Because our dog training can be done in the comfort of your own home, we invite the whole family to participate.
This may sound like a “negative” in the training context but you can use it to your advantage.
Establish yourself as the leader of the pack and most Labs will fall into line really quickly. Most Labs behave like overgrown puppies until they are about 2 years old.  They are fun, but can cause utter chaos. Many have far more energy than their owners, You need to give them ample exercise and opportunities to vent their energy and enthusiasm. The Lab may seem to be having a whole lot of fun while the humans are running for cover, grabbing hold of breakables and trying to avoid muddy paw prints or being knocked over.
As you and your Labrador spend more time together get to know each other’s moods and mannerisms.

Express yourself when your Lab is around, you may be surprised at how much they seem to understand.
You will learn about the pros and cons of different obedience training philosophies, step-by-step guides to overcoming behavioral problems, and much more. The earlier you train and exercise your Labrador pet the happier he becomes and the less complicated it gets to achieve other Labrador retriever training activities. You can use your dog’s love for food to your advantage by using it as a reward during training. Make sure that the pieces are tiny to prevent your dog from consuming excess calories and gaining weight. For example; if you ask your Labrador to heel, you want to give the treat while he or she is in the position, right beside you. This is the time to start varying and substituting the rewards, with things like verbal praise, petting, a game of fetch, a massage, or anything else he or she finds rewarding.
With a clear timeline, obvious results and immediate success you’ll be on the road to a new dog in as little as one lesson!
Both parents and children will be on equal footing when it comes to teaching your dog to listen.
We have clients in: Uxbridge, Sunderland, Cannington, Port Perry, Claremont, Goodwood, Greenbank, Blackstock, Brooklin, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Courtice and Bowmanville. Some Labs are more nervous than others, some tend to be dominant and others like to go with the flow.  Each Labrador is very special in his or her own unique way.
Wow, if there is a treat involved they are in doggy heaven – or is that Lab heaven – they are so special – maybe there is one?
Give them plenty of toys to carry around so they are not tempted by your things.  You won’t think your Lab is quite so cute when he or she is destroying your furniture or designer shoes. However easygoing you are, your dog will benefit from obedience training – and so will you.
Try to understand how your dog thinks and what he or she needs to know to make your instructions clear. Couple your affection with a little patience and a lot of persistence and you’ll have a well-behaved Lab in no time at all. If you are introducing an older dog into your household, start laying down the rules as soon as possible. And it is through proper leash training routines that you get to establish leadership respect and obedience while keeping your dog active and fit at the same time.
The four most popular breeds are border collie Labrador golden retriever and the German shepherd said Plumas County Search and Rescue K-9 handler Georgia Knutsen. Here are the the do’s and don’ts of food rewards so that you don’t to help prevent mistake during labrador puppy training. You can even use healthier food choices such as; low-fat dog treats, apple bits (without stem, seed, leaf), and frozen green beans.

This will help your Lab puppy understand the command a lot quicker and be encouraged to obey. In fact, we’re so confident your dog will listen we’ll teach you to whisper to him! It makes for a far happier and harmonious household, both from your point of view and that of your dog.  Dogs are pack animals. This said, there are many general traits in the Labrador Retriever breed and you will probably recognize most in yours.  Some inbred traits make training easier, while others make it challenging. Your Labrador will be a far, far happier dog in general when your rules and expectations are clear. Labs are fun and once they feel comfortable with you, you may be surprised at the cute things they get up to. They learn their names surprisingly quickly and their eyes will soon light up at the sound of it. While you are plying your Lab with loads of affection, be mindful not to let them take control. Many Labrador owners don’t feel that they are natural leaders, but when it comes to obedience training you need to become one. On the other hand, giving the treat after your dog has obeyed and is sitting right in front of you is useless and will only confuse your puppy as to what he or she is being rewarded for. They like direction; they are far happier when they know what the rules are and what is expected of them. Luckily the pros far outweigh the cons and Labs generally train more easily than most other breeds. No matter what you are doing, your Lab is aware of your mood, body language, tone of voice and facial expression. If you are like most smitten Lab owners you will probably also use many cute variations of their names. It’s like everything in life; if you don’t know the rules it is very hard to play the game.
He has aA great personalityA and is a very loving dog, but the gift you gave us was the language we now have to communicate with him.
Nothing can make a naturally confident and happy Labrador more anxious and withdrawn than been yelled at constantly for breaking rules that he or she doesn’t understand. If you give in to all your dogs’ demands, they soon lose respect for you and obedience training becomes a challenge. They are also extremely good at letting you know what they want.  They look at you with those “please love me” eyes.

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