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If it's time to potty train, "Once Upon a Potty: Girl" (Boy edition also available), is your new best friend. Your child will instantly recognize Joshua for his sweet face, curly hair, and other "nice and useful parts".
For decades, Alona Frankel’s toilet learning classics have been helping parents and children conquer the developmental leap from diaper to potty.

Narrated by her mother's voice, Prudence learns about different body parts and functions, and figures out what the potty is (and isn't) used for.
Each doll comes complete with its own mini plastic potty, with a "Once Upon a Potty" label. This patient, loving and humorous Girl edition encourages children to learn through play and empowers parents and caregivers of all ages.

Alongside Child Matters' full size potty or while reading the book, this set makes potty learning fun, relaxed, and easy.

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