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One Step Ahead have the BOOKs, VHS's, DVD's, AND the NEW gender-specific PLUSH DOLLS sets, each with its own, labeled plastic mini-potty here. And, finally: check out this list of INDEPENDENT SPECIALTY STORES who have ordered from us. Similar but BETTER than the ones seen in our bestselling Once Upon a Potty videos and DVD's, ALL deluxe potties include official, permanent, heat-transfer labels which will NEVER COME OFF!

The no-nonsense, saddle-shaped, one-piece design also develops the child's responsibility, is great for taking ON THE ROAD, in the car; while offering the largest sitting area, and is ultra-easy to clean! Includes Colorful Magnetic Chart, 30 Positive-Reinforcement Stars, Potty Training Book, Achievement Certificate, and Training Tips for Parents.

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