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Pokazy fireshow stanowi± wspania?e ukoronowanie praktycznie ka?dej imprezy a przy tym s± niesamowitym przedstawieniem dla go¶ci. Jest to najtanszy pokaz oferowany przez nas nadaj±cy sie na mniejsze uroczysto¶ci i ograniczony bud?et organizatorow. Oferujemy Panstwu warsztaty kuglarskie jako urozmaicenie imprez typu dni miasta, festyny, imprezy firmowe oraz wszedzie tam gdzie przyda sie dodatkowa atrakcja. If it's time to potty train, "Once Upon a Potty: Girl" (Boy edition also available), is your new best friend.

For decades, Alona Frankel’s toilet learning classics have been helping parents and children conquer the developmental leap from diaper to potty. Narrated by her mother's voice, Prudence learns about different body parts and functions, and figures out what the potty is (and isn't) used for. Plus, two fun new music modes, The Potty Song and Sing-Along, allow young children and their caregivers to sing the jazzy tune themselves or follow the recorded performers. This patient, loving and humorous Girl edition encourages children to learn through play and empowers parents and caregivers of all ages.

Follow Prudence through her stages of discovery, and enjoy the many delightful hidden audio surprises throughout the story.

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