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An organic diaper cake is perfect if you want to give a homemade, eco-friendly and natural baby gift! The perfect pack (size 2, 94 count) to make a medium-sized or large diaper cake with!Andy Pandy disposable bamboo diapers with wetness indicator: eco-friendly, 100% chlorine free and 100% biodegradable, no alcohol or preservatives, made of bamboo and soft & silky to the touch, but extremely strong & absorbent. Hand crafted and wrapped in earth tones and sunflowers, this cake contains plenty of diapers for the new angel. Details: Diaper Cake comes with 44 Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Organic Diapers– size 1, Burt’s Bees Baby Bee® Nourishing Baby Oil (1 fl.

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Because baby gifts should include an extra special touch, this one comes with environmentally friendly products just for bath time. With an outer layer of certified organic cotton, and an inner layer polyester PUL, this organic diaper cover is known for it's superior pliability and breathability.
Leg-gussets keep messes contained, while the soft hook and loop closure makes for easy diaper changes, eliminates the need for diaper pins, and will never chafe baby's skin.

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