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Use this Over the Toilet Bathroom Shelf, expertly crafted by Taymor Accessories, to add extra organizing space to your bathroom. With other storage units, like cabinets and shelves, bolts or big nails might be needed to securely attach the unit to your apartment wall.
Found at furniture on the web and reduced from its regular price of $222.99, you can purchase this item for less than $120. As seen in the picture, the most obvious use is for towels; providing easy access from your shower. Chances are, if you can afford this shelving unit you A)Have enough space in your bathroom to store things elsewhere B) Already own a real, nicer unit.
If I could afford stuff like this for my studio apartment, I’d probably spend the money on a one-bedroom instead, thus eliminating the need for this frou-frou thing altogether. If you have a tiny apartment and not much money, there’s plenty of used or free stuff around.

I agree i found one in great condition on craigslist and you can spray paint it to match the color theme of your bathroom. Simply Place this bathroom shelf above your toilet and organize your towels, tissue, soaps and lotions.
The idea of stacking vertically to increase space is easily imitated and similar shelving units can be found anywhere from Target to specialty stores like Bed Bath and Beyond. Mine has two medicine cabinets and a shelf in between, and even though I have a vanity it keeps all my products out of sight and off the counter.
The chrome finish and easy assembly of this bathroom shelf makes it a great choice for adding extra shelf space. Buy a couple of sticky hooks that will do the job, and just stack a couple of magazines (or fold a couple of towels neatly) over the toilet.
Unlike larger, higher priced shelving systems, the Bathroom Space Saver is also economical.

If you happen to have full storage boxes, the top shelf gives you an extra place to store additional belongings.
You might also want to try hotel furniture liquidators, garage sales, and websites like Craigslist. With an endless number of possibilities for uses, the Bathroom Space Saver could be your key to a roomier bathroom.

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