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Do they have (or are working towards) a diagnosis of Asperger’s or Autistic Spectrum Disorder?
The ASD parents group meets once a month on a Wednesday morning from 10.30am till 12 noon in Arbroath and Forfar.
If you think this group could be for you, please contact Lynne Kelly (Angus Carers Centre) on 01241 439157. Angus Carers Centre provide information sessions for professionals within the Centre on a monthly basis. Adviceline is our dedicated phone service for information, advice and referrals to other organisations who maybe better placed to help with your enquiry. We operate a "Gateway Interview" process where you will initially have a short discussion with an assessor who will obtain basic details about your enquiry or problem. Depending on the urgency and complexity of your enquiry you may be given an appointment to return at a later date, or be referred to a Bureau Specialist or another organisation better placed to help you, or be dealt with at this first interview. Our team of volunteer advisers are trained to offer you advice by face to face interviews, by email or over the telephone. Advisers don’t tell you what to do, but explain your options and the possible outcomes of different courses of action. Refer you to our specialist caseworkers for complex problems or to other agencies when appropriate.
For further information or to book an appointment please contact the Richmond office on 01748 823862. For information on the new pension freedoms introduce in April 2015 and to see if you are eligible for an appointment with one of our Guidance Specialists, please go to Pension Wise.
Advice sessions are held in libraries, community offices and doctor’s surgeries and home visits are also available for those people who are housebound.
If you are a person with a learning disability, a parent, carer or support worker, please feel free to contact us at the Mencap Centre, Goosecroft Lane, Northallerton. Looking after  a child with additional support needs can be stressful for parent carers and it’s easy for them to forget to look after themselves.
Robert goes on  “There is a lot of fantastic work being done by professionals under Getting it Right For Every Child (GIRFEC). As well as raising awareness with parents carers themselves Robert also spends time raising awareness with professionals who work closely with families.  “I am out and about a lot.

Robert is committed to ensuring that parent carers get the support they need as early as possible. Robert and the other carer support staff at the Carers Centre report that education is a big worry for many parent carers. So how did Robert find himself in this role, “I’ve always worked with children and young people with disabilities both in residential and child and family settings. Recent blog postsUnderstanding the basics 1 – What is additional support for learning?
Help young people manage their technology use in a healthy and positive way with our conversation starters. Young people with JIA, lupus, myositis or other conditions often need advice for a wide range of different reasons. Provides links to a young persons lupus support group (ages 16-24 years) held in London usually every 2 months.The support group is a positive group that shares different experiences of young people suffering with lupus. We have taken every care to ensure that the information contained in this website is accurate, complete and kept up-to-date. UCL is not responsible for the contents or reliability of the linked web sites and does not necessarily endorse the views expressed within them. Lupus can affect those young and old, so please raise awareness and learn more about this condition! All donations will go directly to the Centre and fund research within adolescent rheumatology as well as educational activities and focus groups. All donations will go towards funding research or educational activities directly related to adolescent rheumatology within the UK. Calls to Adviceline should cost no more than local call rates, from mobiles phones it maybe be more. The project delivers advice, on any matter to those living in rural communities, from outreach locations across Hambleton and Richmondshire. The service delivers a specialist advice service to people and their families who are affected by cancer and other life limiting illnesses.
That’s why Robert Brown from the Princess Royal Trust Lanarkshire Carers Centre is very pleased that his role as Parent Carer Development Officer has recently been developed. I work with GPs and other health staff including health visitors and hospital support staff.

It can sometimes be difficult to know when something is urgent or not and it can be confusing to know who the right person is to contact. If you feel very unwell and no one is available within the hospital rheumatology department (e.g. It is also a group that offers advice for coping with living with lupus such as support in employment, school or university. However, medical and research knowledge is constantly changing and we cannot guarantee that all of the information is accurate and consistent with current NHS practice and advances in research. We accept no responsibility for any damages arising from the loss of use of this information. The site does not collect any personal information about those using this site, or use cookies to track and log information about users. Ensuring their needs are met – that they are looking after themselves mentally and physically and that they have all the information they need – can only be good for the children in the family. I’ve also done a lot of work with education staff including headteachers, primary, secondary and pre-school staff.
Some parents are really worried that if they admit they are not coping their children will be removed from them.” Robert explains, “ There is still stigma attached to asking for help. Most paediatric and adult rheumatology departments will have a specialist nurse who may act as a named contact for patients or carers. We cannot guarantee that these links will work all of the time and we have no control over the availability of the linked pages. We do analyse the server log files which contain details of the Internet address (IP address) of computers using the site, pages looked at, the times of day and the type of web browser used. Parents of children with additional support needs are often coping with issues other families don’t have to worry about  – their child may be ill, may not sleep that much, have behavioural problems or be experiencing problems at school.

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