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Parental Advice Cartoons and ComicsParental Advice cartoon 1 of 15Dislike this cartoon?"You should learn how to play the guitar. Watch the documentary about how four of Africa's ultimate MMA fighters became who they are today. EFC AFRICA: Journey to the Hexagon delves into the personal lives and backgrounds of four of Africa's ultimate mixed martial artists - Demarte Pena, Wentzel Nel, Michiel Opperman and Martin van Staden - who are all competing in the upcoming EFC AFRICA 19 event. Viewers will witness first-hand, from the athletes and those closest to them, the tests and the triumphs which have made them who they are today and see the determination and resolve on their journey to the Hexagon. EFC AFRICA 19, presented by MusclePharm, takes place at the Carnival City Big Top Arena on 19 April 2013. It’s this weird animal, the soap, because it’s expected to be a creative industry and yet there’s so much about it that doesn’t allow you the space to be creative. You say it’s difficult to create an episode every day, so how did you manage all these years? You know I’ve been on quite a lot of shows and the security of a soap is what a lot of us hope for and long for. I think that while I take my work seriously, I don’t take myself as seriously as I used to. How are you going to deal with the transition from having a permanent gig to working as a freelance actor? I love the ethos of the theatre, the fact that we’re very aware that it’s not just about the actor – something I’m very passionate about. South African citizens over the age of 18 are eligible to enter the competition and each crew must consist of a minimum of three and a maximum of five members.
Years of intrigue and mystery about the dark forces that drives David Genaro will soon unravel as the pieces of the puzzle come together. Power is like a game to him; he loves sexual, financial, emotional, psychological and physical power. All of David’s assets were taken from him, heading this group means all of his assets will be his again. The only time David stopped in his tracks was when he believed he had a child with Lucilla, probably because he is always talking about needing an heir to his empire. Rhythm City: Setlhabi Taunyane (Kop), Mduduzi Mabaso (Suffocate), Nokuthula Ledwaba (Tshidi), Amogelang Chidi (Renilwe), Mpho Molepo (Fats) and Itumeleng Bokaba (Mampho). Soon after she graduated with a Diploma in Acting for Camera from City Varsity, 24-year-old Mapaseka landed a role in a short film called Second Chances. But they’re just dating, why does she think she will benefit if Scelo plays professional soccer? Yes, she’s definitely hiding something – it’s something big and it’s going change Scelo’s life. Why didn’t Dintle’s aunts ask the Ngemas to pay damages instead of forcing her to live with them?
OnRhythm City, Rose wants a divorce from her cheating husband, and they keep shifting the blame. Most people know you as an actor but you are also a marriage counsellor, how did this come about? There’s not really a secret to it, my formula is simple and involves sticking to the basics which include faithfulness, communication and having time for each other. A lot of married couples complain about the spark no longer being there, how can couples keep the spark alive?
Young married couples are often accused of giving up on their marriage too soon – how can they tell when to throw in the towel and divorce and when to keep fighting? Couples who want to enter the union of marriage should first get pre-marital counselling to know more about what marriage entails. And the truth finally comes out… You know what they say; sometimes we don’t see what’s right in front of us. After Sasha’s plan to trap Cain using Shakira as bait fails, defeated Graham and Sasha go their separate ways. Renate’s death: When Renate first came to meet Sasha, she saw the killer in the foyer and she fled.
A few days later Renate is found dead – the day she’s supposed to meet Sasha and positively identify Cain as the serial killer.
Over-eager about the story: Okay we get it, his wife was the first victim and he’s dedicated his life to finding the person responsible for her death. Psychotic behaviour: Remember when he asked Sasha what she would do if she finds the killer before the police? The romance factor: The profile of the killer said the psychopath dates the women before he kills them. I would focus on areas that I would perhaps find difficult in my own personal capacity as an actress.

I think it’s very hard if it’s a role that is not a lead and you’re constantly supporting other people’s storylines. I think that the celebrity world is always way too focused on the actors and it’s not just about the actors.
I don’t want to be a 50-year-old actress on a soapie because I think soaps are very much about what you look like and I don’t want to be caught up in that feeling of wanting to keep up with the 20-year-olds. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to be crowned Mzansi’s hottest street dance crew. A copy of the application form will be emailed to you, print this and bring it with you on the audition day. Wentzel Nel looks to make history in his challenge for featherweight champion Demarte Pena's title belt.
She’s appeared on TV ads and she’s also played a lead in a play called Show Off which was shown at the Arts Alive festival in 2012.
She’s gonna use the baby to trap him and be part of the good life that Scelo might have if he plays for a soccer club. It’s something that’s going to show her true colours and prove that Lindiwe has been right all along. Remember when they dumped her at the Ngema’s, Zinzile said that’s not how things are done, they will pay damages. She’s very lazy and she always uses her pregnancy as an excuse for not doing chores around the house.
Well, it turns out the former Rhythm City actor Jerry Mofokeng, who played Bra Solly, is also a marriage counselor! Most people divorce for flimsy reasons and later in life find themself saying, ‘had I known what I know now I wouldn’t have divorced.’ Secondly, don’t invest on your anger and rightness in any matter. If you enter into a relationship when desperate or on the rebound, there will be problems later. After weeks of speculating who the Sleeping Beauty Serial Killer could be, it was finally revealed on last Thursday’s episode that the killer is; wait for it…Graham Wilson! What are the odds that she suspects there is a serial killer and then a few days later she finds someone to corroborate her story? But when Eddie and Sasha looked at the NFH security footage they couldn’t see who she was running from because the person stood at an angle where they knew the camera couldn’t pick up his image. Graham arrived late at NFH that day – just moments after the police announced Renate’s death. When Sasha said if she and the killer where in a room alone she would be the only one to walk out, he seemed satisfied with her answer. People in soaps work tremendously hard whether you’re a member of the crew or member of the cast you’re constantly just churning out stuff. Just from a production point of view you have to create an episode every single day, so to have the work that you do recognized is an incredible honour. And now I know that you can’t expect your work to sustain you or to get everything you want from it.
They’re the face of it, but there are so many people in the background – behind the camera – who work very hard and are just as responsible for the final product. The BK group uses high discipline and masculinity and resonates with the right-wing systems of the apartheid regime. Martin Van Staden faces Adam Speechly for a top seed welterweight spot, while renowned strikers Dino Bagattin and Tyron Rightford feature in a bad blood, fist-fuelled matchup tipped to be the fight of the year.
You know some girls, when they get pregnant they automatically assume that the guy will marry them. But the aunt said that’s what happened with the cousins – she’s been waiting for damages until today, so she’s not going to play that game anymore.
My wife used her training as a nurse and her professional skills as a nursing lecturer in the field of Psychology to help.
It shouldn’t be approached with a cruise control mind-set because love must continuously be revived. Don’t assume or guess in a relationship, instead ask your partner what they want, take cues from them and never lose your temper.
Give yourself time to go through troubles with your partner to see the strength of your union. We see inside his room for the first time and to our horror the walls are covered in pictures of Sasha. Usually sources tip off journalists about the story and then they go back to living their lives. But that’s the only way I can be in a soap because the conditions are so strenuous, it’s very easy to get into a rut in a soap.
Since she moved in with the Ngemas, Dintle has been telling lies and dodging clinic visits even though she says she’s pregnant.

She thinks Scelo’s plan to apply for a scholarship is a waste of time because it will take long before he makes money. Her reason is that she doesn’t want people to gossip about her, but as the story unfolds you will see that it’s more than that. She’s one of those girls who most parents hate and wouldn’t want their kids to be friends with. I then decided to equip myself on the field and acquired a clinical psychologist to mentor me. Couples must be willing to try different things and find new opportunities to spoil their partners.
Start with sitting your partner down and communicating your concerns, consulting the elders and counselling.
I also recommend a compatibility test where you firstly check if your dreams are similar and if you and your partner have healed from previous relationships.
After Renate’s murder Sasha was overcome by guilt and even contemplated letting the story go.
I did extensive reading on the topic and we have a library on books, both circular and spiritual at home. Also look at the financial, cultural and spiritual factors and see if you have a similar understanding and importantly find what binds you. But Graham comforted her and told her she owed it to herself and to the victims to keep on. That has to be one of the highlights of my career – to be working on an international series.
When we started this in the early 90s, it was to help friends and family but the demand grew and the past five years have been a period where my wife and I have been offering marriage counselling on a full time basis to the general public. He said; “Do you realize he’s watching you…?" Yes, everyone in the newsroom was worried that the killer might be in their proximity and that he might be keeping an eye on Sasha, but Graham’s comment was just too creepy! When using a group approach to interviewing, getting all the parties lined up behind one candidate takes coordination .
The team leader generally selects group members who are likely to work with the candidate, if hired, and helps them prepare for the interview. Dintle doesn’t know her father – her mother is one of those women who change boyfriends frequently. A multilevel team of interviewers allows you to observe how well the candidate communicates with colleagues, bosses and subordinates.
Members should expect to make a successful hiring decision, or reject a candidate as a group, while expressing their individual opinions. The topics chosen are crucial, because they help the team decide whether the candidate has the skills to do the job and personal characteristics that are suited to the organization's culture. The team leader should group the questions into categories relating to the job, such as communication, managerial and delegating skills, teamwork, conflict resolution, technical knowledge and organizational skills. Team members with experience in a particular subject take responsibility for handling questions in that category. For instance, if the team needs a graphic designer with experience in group dynamics, it might ask how the candidate would collaborate with copywriters on a marketing campaign. If hiring a computer programmer, the team can give the candidate a sample code to review, assess and correct. The team leader, or designated facilitator, starts the question-and-answer session in round-robin style. The team will note the candidate's responses and demeanor in the interview, and overall ability to meet the job qualifications. Members will discuss their observations in follow-up meetings before deciding whether to hire the individual.
According to the Gendreau Group, candidates are more likely to reveal their strengths and weaknesses when they don't know team members' title or rank. Without a legitimate business need-to-know, interviewers should avoid asking candidates about their race, religion, gender, physical disability, marital status, parenting status, and height and weight.
Finally, questions about a candidate's medical background are forbidden until a job offer is made.
She is a former senior editor of national business publications covering management and finance, employment law, human resources, career development, and workplace issues and trends.

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