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Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features. Because we are focused on basic and traditional human values, Merchiston encourages its students to be independent and try to rely on one’s own abilities, as well as show respect and tolerance towards each member of school community. Merchiston has strong and effective belief to develop each boy’s personal achievement and support its students far beyond just their expected results at GCSE and A-level. Long description: Merchiston can offer a wide choice of scholarships which are aimed at ages 10+. Additionally to the usual subjects which students need to attend, we also focus on additional skills.
All boys are placed in a particular set according to their potential and skills; and are constantly under supervision. Welcome to this section, which will give you an insight into what Merchiston Juniors can offer you child.
Some parents also think that starting their sons at Merchiston at 8,9 or 10 ensures that they avoid the stress of the Common Entrance exams - or often difficult and stressful he decision process concerning a choice of senior school. Our unique House system, where boys advance in a cohort of their year group, allows friendships and allows to make strong relations between each other. The Sixth Form takes boys through their A levels and, in most of the times, on to university or college.
Boys starting with us in Lower Sixth will join a year group composed of around 80 students. Some boys find that our Sixth Form gives them that extra power and 'edge' to get the A level results they really want. A key characteristic of Merchiston is so big and diverse choice of co-curricular activities. The most popular is rugby however, there are plenty of other possibilities on offer, both sporting and non-sporting. We can offer to our boys a large indoor heated swimming pool and a sports hall, and there are good facilities for other types of sports such as tennis, football, squash, fives, shooting, sailing, skiing, basketball, fencing, golf, badminton, hockey and curling.

The School’s purpose is to help each and every boy to make the most of his potential and leave Merchiston ready for the realities of the contemporary world. For example all pupils gain a basic understanding of ICT, a practical knowledge of number foreign languages, and skills in communication, both orally and in a written form. Consequently, individual focus is aimed for every student both inside and outside the classroom. We provide a different approach from other boys’ boarding schools in that we make easier the progression from Junior to Senior education, which avoids the steep 'step-up' boys can experience when moving on from Primary education. Safe and sound Pringle House, which is the borders’ residence, is a perfect and simple way to present boys with livining and spending time together. They meet up with those boys who have moved up from our Juniors and form a year community of  around 60 boys. My role as Head of these years, is to ensure these three years are not only a time of strong academic education, but also a time of fun, development and a way to express culturally and to master sporting skills Boys grow up really fast between 13 and 16, and our specialise knowledge of teaching male students in a single sex environment gives the Merchiston boy, in my opinion, the best possible start to go on smoothly into the Sixth Form. Most parents by sending their children to our school for this two-year period gives them a chance to make the most of the crucial period in their lives.
For others (international students) it may be a chance to master their English language abilities.
Older students may choose to have a so called 'leave-out' or to visit Edinburgh to meet with their friends or family. Some of these take place during weekday afternoons, others are planned and set for the evenings or during the weekends.
Boys at Merchiston have a chance to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme, the CCF, as well as rowing, golf, squash, fives, football, cricket and athletics - to name just a few of them.
There are tutors in all keyboard and orchestral instruments; nowadays about fifty per cent of the School learns to play a musical instrument, and to sing in two choirs. Merchiston is located on the 100 acres of beautiful parkland, just four miles away from the centre of Edinburgh and just 20 minutes from Edinburgh’s international airport, which has over 100 direct routes. In the GCSE year and in the Sixth Form, there are usually additional classes aimed to support our students.

We do this simply by presenting our Juniors to Senior School teachers and teaching methods from age 10, and during their two final years with us they are given all the resources and advantageous of our Senior School. In the following year, which we refer to as 'Shell', the students start to focus on their GCSEs.
In the 'Lower Sixth' boys generally sit their AS level exams, going on to their A2 level exams in Upper Sixth. Whilst this group has bonded into a very vibrant community, we are always glad to welcome new arrivals, and to help them enrich our Merchiston community.
And for some it is Merchiston's sporting excellence in rugby, cricket or tennis which attracts them.
We 'graduate' the critical moment in every boys life between 10 and 13, as to give our boys a possibility to move up to the Senior School with self-confidence and additional experiences. The next year, Fifth Form, is in fact a crucial GCSE year, and this is the time when all the preparation and hard work is really appreciated by our students. Many will become prefects, and will have to obtain duties and responsibilities in order to help to run our School.
We welcome boys from each and every corner of the world: lately we had 24 different nationalities.
It's the 'best of both worlds': the advantages of a vibrant Junior School, with the facilities of one of the UK's leading Senior Schools. They are no longer wearing school uniforms but dark suits which symbolise their higher independence.
Indeed our Sixth Form, and the wonderful new Laidlaw House, has become so popular that we have more candidates than places in our offer.

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