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Annorlunda Vision is a small company whose objective is to bring to the forefront families with special needs. By asking these difficult questions and highlighting ethical dilemmas, I want to move the focus away from those who are normally in the spotlight to those who live outside of the norm.
Annorlunda Vision is a flexible company that adapts to your needs and offers lectures, workshops and customized theme days aimed at those who in their daily lives or professional capacity come into contact with families with special needs.
Staff in disability care, rehabilitation services, child care and education, as well as health professionals. All preschool and school staff will, sooner or later in their career, have the opportunity to become acquainted with children with special needs. As a parent of a child with Down syndrome, one will be exposed to others perceptions of Down syndrome on a daily basis, prejudices and assumed truths, from both medical professionals and school staff, A as well as good intentioned but uninformed friends, family and acquaintances. Staff that care for the disabled, rehabilitation services, childcare, education and health professionals.
I often get asked for advice on particular apps and social networks that kids are using and their appropriateness for kids of different ages.Today I am looking at Snapchat. Snapchat is a photo and video sharing app that allows users to send a photo or video and choose whether it stays ‘live’ for 1-10 seconds.
Risks arise from the user being lulled in to a false sense of security in believing their photos ‘disappear. Obviously you decide who receives your photos, so you need to be sure you sending only to people who you trust to keep those photos deleted and not copied and saved. This is one of the more difficult apps to monitor due to the very nature of the photos and interactions being quickly deleted. Remember, ultimately it is your choice as a parent to decide whether you think particular apps are appropriate for your child.
I’m Martine, and I’m passionate about helping parents face the challenges of the modern world. I want you to experience more joy and less stress as you incorporate the digital world into your daily lives.
In doing this, I want to sow a seed to a new way of thinking about people's capabilities and their value. In this way, A Annorlunda Vision is working towards diversity in the true sense of the word.

There are policy documents which clearly state how personnel should conduct themselves, but how is it put into practice? Based on my own and others' experiences and with practical advice and tips for useful materials, this is a lecture to all in the field of A education that work with special needs children and their siblings - an often forgotten crowd with their own set of special needs.
An introduction to our most common developmental disorder with a focus on the social and medical aspects. But like all the apps I look at, it comes with this disclaimer: There is no such thing as safe social networking sites, there can only ever be safe users. It was created on the belief that by deleting the photos,  it takes away some of the pressure of photos being permanent and on display to invisible audiences. As with anything online there is always the risk of permanence and the risk of people seeing it whom you didn’t intend.
You can check to see who has sent images and who images have been sent to,  you just cant see the actual photo or video if it has already been viewed. Making  informed decisions and understanding how your kids engage with the online world, should always be done in conjunction with the teaching of critical thinking skills to be safe wherever they hangout online as well as an ongoing conversation that changes as the technology and your child changes.
With a background in education and a Masters in Counselling, I am able to use my extensive professional experience in conjunction with the personal experiences of raising 5 children, to give a realistic approach to parenting today. How to find normalcy and autonomy when so many others are involved and have opinions about your life? Whilst many apps come with age ratings, I believe age alone does not determine whether an app is suitable for a particular person.
The recipient taking a screenshot renders the photo just as permanent as any other photo online.
Your attitude, knowledge, curiosity and willingness to learn can make the difference between difficult or manageable lives, for both the child, their siblings and parents.
We explore these concepts together and determine where our notions of people with Down syndrome actually come from.
One child may be able to responsibly interact online via an app or website that another child of a similar age or even older may not. Whilst Snapchat does endeavour to inform the user when a Snapchat someone has sent has been screenshot, there is little that can be done to ensure the privacy of that photo.
Just as you should ask permission before posting a pic of someone else online, it is obviously good online etiquette to refrain from saving something that wasn’t meant to be saved.

How can you relate to a world that, on the surface seems familiar, but whose contents are entirely unknown?Based on A my own and others' experiences, I describe the first period with a special needs child. I'll talk about my life as a parent of a special needs child and how I, as both a parent and a teacher, perceive the approach and handling in medical care, rehabilitation services and child care, both by staff and other parents. You know your child best, so always learn all you can about the new technologies so you can make an informed decision about what works for your child and your family. As with all social media apps, respecting oneself and respecting others must be the number one priority.
For more information in english, do not hesitate to send me an e-mail, and IA?ll get back to you as soon as possible.
Remember, whilst it is good to have an understanding of the types of apps and social networking sites your kids will be exposed to, keeping up can be difficult as they move from one app to the next.
Other technology such as Snaphack have also been created to ‘un-delete’ the photos, rendering the original delete premise untrue. Snapchat has also been dubbed the ‘sexting app’ for again enticing a more risque approach to photo sharing based on the belief the photos will disappear. It is against the law to send any sexually explicit pictues of a person under 18 regardless of consent, purpose or motive. Teens have in the past had photos they intended for one person, or for seconds only, embarrassingly shared and put on display with the transparencies of a normal online image.
The latest update of Snapchat has the slightly odd addition of having to allow your location services switched to ON, in order to use any filters on your images. Previously you could choose between visual filters which didn’t require location data and Smart filters which allowed the temperature of your location to be recorded on the image via the My Weather Channel. Now however, there is an all or nothing approach to the filters and location services need to be turned on even if you just want to add visual filters thus exposing the exact location of someone sharing a photo or video.

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