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If you're scrambling for a last-minute idea (we're not judging!), consider one theme for the whole family.
Kids may love dressing up for Halloween, but that doesn't mean parents can't get in on the fun.
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The National Retail Federation estimates that over 170 million Americans are celebrating this year, and 33 percent of those people are taking kids trick-or-treating, so you're in good company.

Whether you opt for nostalgia ("Back to the Future" anyone?) or a more modern Halloween trend like "The Hunger Games," here is a batch of amazing ideas for coordinated costuming. Kids will use their sorting and categorizing skills to help them match the baby animal to its adult form by looking at their shapes and colors. The real question is what your kids -- and you -- will wear when you go door to door asking ever-so-sweetly for candy. Here are 43 wonderful, hilarious and spooky family costume ideas to inspire your plans for October 31.

This basic exercise in genetics will help your child understand that babies will grow up to look like their parents.

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