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As a long-running Antipodean soap opera repeatedly reminds us, "Everybody needs good neighbours with a little understanding." The married thirty-somethings at the centre of Nicholas Stoller's potty-mouthed comedy wish they were so fortunate. Mac Radner (Rogen) and his wife Kelly (Byrne) have just welcomed a beautiful daughter into the world and they struggle to cope with the responsibilities of parenthood.
Bad Neighbours goes some way to besmirching Efron's screen image as the wholesome, squeaky clean boy next door. Hollywood has never been shy about resetting the delicate, glittering jewels of foreign cinema as gaudy showcases for A-list stars. When Argentinian writer-director Juan Jose Campanella won the Oscar for his serpentine 2009 thriller El Secreto De Sus Ojos, it was only a matter of time before an English-language version surfaced.
In 2002 Los Angeles, FBI counter-terrorism officer Ray Karsten (Chiwetel Ejiofor) assesses possible threats emanating from a local mosque.
Unfolding in dual time frames 13 years apart, Secret In Their Eyes is a competent update of a vastly superior tale of retribution and regret. To get the best possible experience using The Working Parent website we recommend that you upgrade to a modern web browser. The highly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey film finally hits the big screen next week and one cinema has caused controversy by holding a ‘parent and baby’ screening of the steamy movie.
The Barbican in London has decided to include the film, expected to be one of the year’s biggest blockbusters, in its ‘parent and baby’ screening scheme.
However, the decision to allow babies into what promises to be the year’s raunchiest movie has been slammed by some parenting groups. Others have expressed surprise that the film is an odd choice for parents to see with their children.
The Fifty Shades of Grey film is an adaptation of EL James’ erotic novel of the same name, which has seen massive sales since being published.
Maria is a freelance writer with over 10 years' experience producing content for a variety of publications and websites. We know it can tough being a working parent and sometimes it can feel like you’re spending too much time at work and not enough time at home with your family. The Working Parent is an advice portal full of useful tips, resources and links to make life that little bit easier for working parents.

As well as our resident bloggers you’ll also find a community of fellow Working Parents to talk to in our forums and share ideas, tips and advice… or you can just have a good old moan! FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS is a drama, based on real events, about a New York heiress and patron of the arts who dreams of becoming an opera singer despite having a poor singing voice. Getting to sleep is a priority so when the house next door goes up for sale and a fraternity led by president Teddy Sanders moves in, the Radners fear the worst.
They wake one morning to discover the new neighbours are booze-guzzling fraternity boys, who throw raucous parties for their fellow students and hold barbecues on the front lawn. When the house next door goes up for sale and a fraternity led by president Teddy Sanders (Efron) and second-in-command Pete (Dave Franco) moves in, the Radners fear the worst. However, scriptwriters Andrew Jay Cohen and Brendan O'Brien provide the actor with a get-out clause so his character ultimately remains likable, showing a sensitive side to one new member of the frat house (Craig Roberts) when he thinks no one else is looking. He is called to a crime scene close to the mosque and identifies the raped and mutilated body of a girl in a dumpster as Caroline Cobb, the daughter of his good friend, Jessica Cobb, who works as an investigator for district attorney Martin Morales. Henri-Georges Clouzot's taut 1955 thriller Les Diaboliques was reborn as a hoary 1996 potboiler starring Sharon Stone and Isabelle Adjani, and Wim Wenders' seminal meditation of mortality, Wings Of Desire, was saturated in sickly sentiment for the 1998 update City Of Angels starring Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan. Perhaps we should be grateful that writer-director Billy Ray has waited six years, affording us sufficient time to forget about the jaw-dropping coup de grace that Campanella orchestrated with flair in his picture. He is called to a crime scene close to the mosque and identifies the raped and mutilated body of a girl in a dumpster as Caroline Cobb (Zoe Graham), the daughter of his good friend, Jessica Cobb (Julia Roberts), who works as an investigator for district attorney Martin Morales (Alfred Molina). Ejiofor, Roberts and Kidman are solid in underwritten roles, the latter distinguishing herself in an electrifying interrogation room scene. London-Baby’s Laura Evans Vogel told The Islington Gazette, “The mum and baby crowd is not the target market for this film.
The interest in the release of Fifty Shades of Grey is huge and the Barbican have recognised that this audience will want to have the opportunity to be able to join in the conversation.
Our aim is to give you the confidence to balance your career alongside the everyday challenges that parenthood brings. They pay a visit to the frat house and politely ask Teddy to keep the noise down, sparking a campaign of mean-spirited pranks between the two houses.Seen that movie? Relations between the two households deteriorate in the blink of a bloodshot eye, lighting the fuse on a battle of wits and mean-spirited pranks that provides Bad Neighbours with its flimsy premise.

Rogen has played a pot-smoking dude before and he gamely sheds his clothes for toe-curling scenes of coitus interruptus with Byrne. Flanked by his partner Bumpy Willis, Ray promises Jess that he will apprehend the killer and they identify a comic book-obsessed misfit called Marzin as the prime suspect.Seen that movie? The sturdy structure and hairpin twists remain firmly in place in Secret In Their Eyes, but the original film's politically charged setting - the volatile period before Argentina's Dirty War - has been replaced by the paranoia and fear that percolated across America in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. Flanked by his partner Bumpy Willis (Dean Norris), Ray promises Jess that he will apprehend the killer and they identify a comic book-obsessed misfit called Marzin (Joe Cole) as the prime suspect. A bold final flourish should stun audiences who haven't had the intense, nerve-racking pleasure of watching the original.
Babies up to the age of 12 months are welcome at the screenings, during which the lights are turned up a little and the volume is lower than at general showings.
We know that violent or sexual images can also have a negative impact on a child, especially as they don’t understand the context. Seth Rogen might have top billing on the film's posters but it's Zac Efron's naked torso which scene-steals to the point of absurdity, reaching a delirious crescendo with some gratuitous topless modelling by the High School Musical heartthrob during a touchy feely coda. In return, the couple promises not to call the cops at the first sign of trouble but to approach Teddy to resolve any issues. Scenes inside the frat house, where Pete inspires devotion from pledges with a heartfelt speech ("We are the family you get to choose - and we don't get divorced!") are surprisingly tame despite the 15 certificate. Ray and assistant DA Claire Sloan (Nicole Kidman) attempt to entrap Marzin, but Morales warns them off because the oddball is a police informant. In the spirit of gender equality, the script warrants a topless scene from leading lady Rose Byrne for a protracted gross-out gag about her first-time mother urgently needing to express breast milk to easy the pressure in her swollen lady cushions. He reunites with Jess and Claire to solve the case, but reopening old wounds comes at a terrible price. In retaliation, Mac and Kelly plot ways to force the dean, Carol Gladstone (Lisa Kudrow), to evict the students from their once peaceful community.

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