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Although most pediatricians do not approve of infant swimming, infants from as old as 6 months to 6 years can be taught swimming and be very good at it.
Here, with the child held in a horizontal direction, they are gently glided on the surface of the water using pass hold from one point to another in a child pace. This step is similar to step #1 except that here, while the child is gently being glided across the surface of the water, their faces are immersed into the water for 2 seconds.
As the child continues to show progress, the duration of facial immersion can be lengthened to such that only 3 or 4 seconds is spent on the surface during a pass.
In all these steps, the teacher should progressively be very close to the child for safety even as new swimming techniques are being explored.
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Swimming is a very wonderful thing especially to infants and children who are in the process of growing.
Therefore, a standard well designed swim lesson plan for infants should be put in place and adhered to by both the teacher and the parent. To learn about swimming, it is important that these terms may be understood; Underwater swim-this is swimming while the face is immersed in water.
The length of immersing a child’s face can be extended slightly by one or two seconds. Only when the child has fully demonstrated comfortability with immersing their face in water should the next step be taken. Parts of the head and the back should be on the surface as the push is made gently and subtly.

However, the child is the one to determine when and for how long the extended time should be. However, it is wise for every parent and swimming teacher to take caution while imparting swimming lessons to children. The key to success for swim lesson plan for infants is for the teacher to be in a position to learn the signals communicated by the child such as eyes, expression of the face, exhalation of air among others.

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