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While children used to simply go outside and play, their days are now filled with organized sports practices and games that become more focused and intense, moving up from recreational leagues to select programs as the years pass.
Choosing one sport is certainly easier on the lives of busy children and their parents: no need to deal with overlapping seasons, conflicting game schedules and pressure from coaches who think their sport is the most important.
Unfortunately, most of the pressure to specialize comes from parents and coaches, says Chris Bown, former head girls basketball coach at Lakeside School in Seattle, who also coached an AAU high school girls’ team.
Bown says that some parents push their children into one sport early in the hope their youngster will eventually earn a college athletic scholarship.
According to Smoll, children who specialize early are often channeled into sports that don’t match their abilities, setting up a cycle of failure that inhibits them from trying other sports. The fact remains that juggling practices and games for more than one sport – especially sports at the select level – is a challenge for both children and their parents. Maya’s father, Mitch Marder, says that the pressure of playing two different select-level sports at the same time is a challenge for the entire family. It’s important for children, with adult guidance, to decide if or when to specialize, Smoll concludes. Writer Teresa Wippel is the mother of two children, and is the former managing editor of Seattle-based ParentMap magazine. Balancing the ratio of meals made from prepackaged foods with those made from fresh foods is essential to establishing nutritious eating habits. Knowing how to translate nutrients into understandable measurements is useful for both parents and children and can be done with a simple calculation: dividing the number of grams in a food item by four will provide its teaspoon equivalent. Making homemade lunches, using less sugar in homemade recipes, and doing away with concentrated juice drinks are all strategies that Schaden’s family has used effectively. Whitson recommends requesting sauces or dressings on the side so you can control how much is added to your child’s meal.
Choose water, regular milk or natural juice (no sugar added) rather than soda or flavored milk, which contain added sweeteners and empty calories. When it comes to school menus, parents in small rural communities can and do exert influence.
Utterback says the school also has purchased a healthy snack machine, a convenience for kids involved in extra-curricular activities.
Rural schools, however, aren’t the only ones where parents can make their presence and preference known.
Parents have a tremendous influence on what their children eat, particularly when they’re younger. Within weeks of watching her laughing at me tripping over one of my friends and falling into a staff person, she was in her bedroom, screaming and crying. While my mom was being given meds to take and puzzles to do in the psychiatric unit I lived at my grandmother’s house.
How was I supposed to talk while a stranger had half of my face pinched between their fingers? I was eighteen when my mom began working again after over ten years living off of disability. Author’s Note: It took me a long time to write this story because I couldn’t make sense of my relationship with my mom.

Charley Karchin was born in Queens, New York, and raised in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Since no one knew the couple had even been matched, they decided to show up with their little bundle of joy on the doorsteps of all the important people in their lives, in order to share the news and film all the jaw-dropping reactions.
This couple surprised their friends and family with their newly adopted baby and caught their reactions on video.
I received the issue of Brain Child today.  I've read it from front to back and enjoyed it just as much as I thought I would! I have been reading and loving the magazine since my first child was born, almost twelve years ago. Finally … a magazine for moms who have more on their minds than what kind of sippy cup to buy. We teamed up with Black Hills Surgical Hospital and Rapid City Medical Center, LLP to bring you the 2016 Nurses of Excellence! Sports that used to be relegated one season are now played all year; teens that used to play three sports in high school now are lucky to find the time to play two.
But youth coaches and sports psychologists say that for most kids, early sports specialization is a bad idea that results in emotional burnout and less well-rounded athletes. In addition, some kids physically mature later than others, and need the wide range of developmental experiences to help them acquire fine motor skills.
Take 12-year-old Maya Marder, a select soccer and basketball player who has been playing both sports since she was 5 years old, and has no intention of choosing one.
Sometimes, she has to miss something – it is just too much for her and us to try to do it all,” says Marder, who also has an older daughter involved in select sports. Choosing mindfully what you feed your family, making healthier choices when eating out, and partnering with your child’s school are several important ways you can guide your child to nutritional food choices.
Understanding food labels on the  prepackaged items you do buy can help you eliminate excess fat and sugar from your family’s diet. Since the calories and other nutrient amounts listed are relevant to serving size, portion control is critical to eating only the recommended daily values.
Redding Parent Rachelle Schaden says her family’s focus is on reducing sugar consumption among her three daughters.
Sharre Whitson, a Nutrition Educator with UCCE, offers parents five tips for making healthier choices when eating away from home. Besides containing less fat, grilled foods retain more of their nutritional value due to their shorter cooking time. She says, “We’ve established collaborative relationships with local business owners, who are also parents of students, to ensure they offer options like sandwiches or healthy burritos rather than fried foods.” She also struck an agreement with a burger place near campus not to sell energy drinks to students.
Popular items include trail mix, baked chips, pretzels and organic health food bars, items that all fall within nutritional guidelines for schools. School gardens are becoming increasingly popular at schools within city limits, the harvests of which end up on school salad bars and in other school meals. Nutritious eating really is a family affair; whether at home or away, parents can educate and involve their children in making the healthiest choices. In high school, the fight would start while she was in the living room sitting on my deceased grandfather’s favorite green upholstered chair.

She likes the kind where groups of people get put together to compete in some game or competition to win a grand prize. I was worried that she would be upset with me for writing it, but she cried and told me she loved me.
In her familial relationships she has taken the role of teacher, friend, daughter and supporter. The result is an amazing compilation filled with expressions of shock, surprise, awe, joy, and ultimately, love. But sports for kids are more of a developmental experience as opposed to a ‘win-at-all-costs’ experience. Food Service Director Don McKinney says he uses locally grown organic beef because parents rejected the school’s use of beef commodities.
One trip, our last field trip of 5th grade, she was the chaperone of my group – four of my closest friends and me.
While the front desk checked us in for visiting hours she’d wait for us through a glass window on the locked metal door. One was closer to my age of 15, another was wanted in 4 states, and one had us move in with him because he wanted to be closer to me. She had the legs kicked up and her laptop perched on her thighs, playing an online version of scrabble on the Internet. She tilted her face towards the ceiling and let out a painfully off-key version of the song. She is currently a writing student in Boston who works with developmentally disabled adults. We took a charter bus with multicolored seat cushions and tiny little TVs that they never played movies on to The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. Inside, Mom walked me around to show me to the friends and crafts that she made out of tongue depressors and crayons. She didn’t want to watch movies or hear what I did that day while I was out with my new middle school friends. She began playing games online after one of her relationships ended in a cancelled engagement. At home she wasn’t playing on the computer as much and, instead, started watching TV in her rare free time.
She still didn’t want to do any of the things I remembered her doing when I was a kid, and we couldn’t spend more than 3 hours together without fighting.
She accepted her single parent status, took all of its consequences and found a way to stand up on her own. Many of the times we fought she cried and said, “If I’m such a terrible mother, go find another one.” For the remaining three years of high school, I only tried to do an activity with my mom once every few months. This meant; we spent loads of time in the sports science room seeing how fast we could throw a baseball, or spent all the money we had on dehydrated astronaut ice cream and silly putty from the gift shop.

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