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For that toddler struggling with his boots, the simplest thing might be to put them on for him. Kim Pawluck, manager at Mothercraft Eaton Centre in Toronto, says, “Often parents want to ‘save’ the child because they see the frustration and — especially if the child is starting to have tantrums — they want to avoid the kicking and screaming.
Finding that balance — the line between stepping in too fast and standing by while a child collapses in an angry heap — takes practice. You can’t eliminate frustration, but you can create an accepting, respectful atmosphere so your toddler can learn how to cope with life’s inevitable ups and downs.
If you can’t figure out what the frustration is, and your child doesn’t have words to tell you, say something like “I don’t know what you want. Remember that toddlers struggle with choices — they don’t really understand that choosing one thing means giving up another — so they may not be clear on whether they want your help or not. If possible, don’t do the whole job — allow her the satisfaction of accomplishing the part she can do.
When your child accomplishes some frustrating task, Blaxall says, “be sure to celebrate with your child: ‘See, you did it! By clicking "Create Account", I confirm that I have read and understood each of the website terms of service and privacy policy and that I agree to be bound by them. Early childhood educators call it “tactile exploration.” But you don’t need a fancy term to know that toddlers love getting their hands into something squishy and colourful. To stir up fun for one, measure ? cup (125 mL) cornstarch into a big bowl and gradually add water — you’ll probably need slightly over ? cup (60 mL), but stop adding when the water is incorporated. This one was chosen for its cute factor.  A relatively simple do-it-yourself costume idea, and probably not something your 2+ year old will consent to, so get it done the first or second Halloween.
This is one of the many store-bought options you can find out there.  So whether you choose the Tootsie roll or some other childhood candy favorite, a store-bought option like this is still a great idea.

Hopefully no one takes offense at this, because I like it simply because of how adorable the baby is.  The glasses are the hardest thing to find for this costume, but it is otherwise simple. Another playful and great store-bought option for you.  Coupled with the basket of eggs, I really like this one for the photo idea possibilities. How creative is this one?!  For the little babies who would be much better off in a stroller for a Halloween party or trick-or-treating, this is a great idea.  No real costume needed, just the stroller add-on to make it look like the popular smart phone. Have another idea you can share with our readers?  Post it in the comments below or send us an email with your own photo and we can add it for our fans. You know whether you have the kind of toddler who can stand at the coffee table and work away on a puzzle for ages — or the kind who dissolves when the first piece doesn’t click into place. Getting down at your toddler’s level will give you a close-up perspective on how he manages frustration. Even a very little child can learn what she needs to calm down in frustrating moments, says Blaxall. Show me.” Figuring it out exactly is not always possible, but what’s important is showing your child that you care.
Instead of putting those pesky boots right on, you could just hold them steady while she aims her foot and steps in. We’ll fix it.” Blaxall suggests giving toddlers a couple of alternatives so they begin to realize they have options (“Can we glue on the wheel?
Yeah!’ Be specific in describing how the child solved the problem.” When she isn’t successful, encourage her to try again another time (“You almost got it. These easy recipes cost just pennies a batch, so you can enjoy them as often as your child likes. Cook and stir over medium heat (use a wire whisk to keep it from getting lumpy) until it becomes clear and thick.

It’s fast to mix up, soothing yet fascinating to handle — and even on hair or carpet, it brushes away when it dries. We’re gonna have to find a pot big enough for our 19 month-old, but this photo idea is a must for the costume. Blaxall says, “In every situation you’re working with the child, but you’re not necessarily doing it for her. Is it too hard?” The empathy in your voice will tell your child you understand his dilemma — sometimes this will be enough to calm the situation, so pause and see if he settles down. And there is absolutely nothing to be gained by letting a toddler become overwhelmed by the difficulty of his situation.
The baby has to trust that you can meet most of his needs most of the time.” Then the baby becomes an adventurous toddler. Please check your email, click the link to verify your address, and then submit your comment. You know it has to be frustrating — and no one wants a child to feel the angry helplessness of not quite being able to do something.
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That’s when parents need to (sometimes) give the child space and time to work it out himself — and the opportunity to accept help if he wants it.

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