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One of the best parts of being a parent is seeing your child reach different developmental milestones like learning how to speak.
One of the most effective tips to improve toddler speech is to describe whatever you are doing, no matter how mundane your activity is. It can be very frustrating to see your toddler have a hard time expressing her thoughts and feelings. Teacher-bashing has become a commonplace and (for some reason) even an acceptable practice among parents of school-going children. Transparent communication ensures that parents and teachers have the common goal of providing the best educational experience for children. Every school hosts an event during the first few weeks of school inviting parents to visit the classroom, peruse the curriculum for the year and meet the teacher.
Keep the big picture in mind; while we all strive to build perfect experiences for our children, the world we live in is far from perfect. For example, "would you like a candy or chocolate?" This can help your toddler distinguish words and associate them with objects. Explain to your toddler how and why you are folding clothes, chopping veggies or fixing the bed.

These activities can help your toddler connect language with sounds, actions and movements. Somewhere along the way, parents and teachers went from being on the same team -- respected caregivers and educators of children -- to enemies at war.
When parents make the effort to build a strong relationship with the educators in their child's life, it is a clear demonstration of the high value placed on education.
Instead of dropping the "How's my little Tommy doing?" question, use this meet-and-greet to get to know the teacher -- the adult who spends eight hours each day with your child. While administrators try their best to match students and teachers during class assignments, things don't always turn out great. Connecting on a personal level will provide a solid foundation for which your parent-teacher relationship can be built on.
Remember, just because another parent made a passing comment about Susie's trying year in Mr. When studies claimed that parental involvement may be overrated, academics were quick to point out the research flaws that negate such studies. Whatever it is, you are better off picking up the phone and talking to your child's teacher than (a) waiting until parent-teacher interview to say something, or (b) not communicating at all.

X's class does not mean your child will not enjoy exceptional learning experiences in the same teacher's class. The type of parental involvement seems to matter; homework and projects done by parents seems to impede learning, while transparent communication between parents and teachers facilitates it.
It is another opportunity for you to connect with the teacher community at your child's school, ask questions, and communicate concerns. Second, bringing your concerns to light helps us recall recent events accurately -- instead of weeks or months later. A world that involves working with coworkers that annoy, team members that don't contribute, and (of course) bosses that we don't always click with.

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