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DeMarquise Elkins has been arrested and charged with killing a baby in Georgia in one of the most horrible incidents we’ve heard about this year. The police probably found De’Marquise’s finger prints on the gun after they took it out of the salt water pond. One of his relatives is a corrupt public official who was trying to intimidate witness from coming forward by showing his presence outside of court.
The grandfather was saying in court, in a sincere way, that he was innocent, but at the same time the grandfather knew that his granddaughter had thrown the gun in a salt water pond. I think the grandfather wanted to convince the judge to let De’Marquise out on bond, so he can help him escape on a fishing boat to Cuba. Nobody with two attempted murder convictions and one murder conviction of a baby, who is facing life in prison is going to stay quietly at home on bond, he’s going to take a speed boat to Cuba. Boulder, March 22, 2014 -- Genetic engineers at the world-renowned Tweek-e-Gene Institute in Boulder, Colorado, announced today the successful production of the world's first live custom-designed human Manga-baby.

Trend-spotters confidently predict Ichi will be the first boulder in a virtual landslide of specially-ordered designer Manga-babies. Manga-babies are designed to possess the distinctive features of the freakish creatures seen in Manga comics, the Japanese-originated graphic motif that gradually overtook virtually all other forms of popular culture in the early years of this century until book stores, DVD distributors and television stations were no longer able to economically justify carrying or broadcasting any non-Manga material. Due to the tiny size of their mouths, Manga-babies will also be forced to eat primarily liquefied foods absorbed through a thin straw. Avant News contains satire and other fictional material, provided for entertainment purposes only. The baby killer killed a 13-month-old after his mother didn’t have any money to give him during a robbery.
All the legal attacks against the mother is not going to help his client because the bullets that hit the pastor, the mother, and the baby came from the same gun that his 19-year-old sister threw in the pond. He should have told the judge where the gun was hidden while he was pleading with so much sincerity.

The trend was so alarming that it briefly eclipsed bird flu and carbohydrates as the top cause of consumer insomnia in 2009 before settling down to a resigned, if disgruntled, universal acceptance in the mind of the public.
Pincers, Manga-babies are expected to "be about as normal and healthy as a 'raw' baby, with perhaps a few minor side-effects that can generally be managed using innovative Manga-baby acclimatization technologies." ('Raw' babies, Dr.
Pincers said the Tweek-e-Gene Institute has partnered with Paris Hilton's BLOW clothing line to create a custom-designed collection of extra-long, extra-lanky Manga-baby toddler outfits. The prosecution could bring theft charges for a stolen gun, or he could charge the owner for allowing someone under age to have possession of the gun.

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