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Pros: These work really well for students who don’t suit a traditional classroom teaching style. Distance learning is often more affordable and allows students to study the courses that they want rather than those offered by their nearest educational institution. Cons: Students must have the requisite technology and know how to effectively use computers, tablets or smart phones to participate in their courses. Students may miss out on peer-based learning which takes place in discussions and group work. Students have to be very disciplined and dedicated independent learners in order to succeed in online courses.
Summer school classes can be held at school or in a classroom setting at a tutoring facility. Pros: Students get to interact with their peers which means that discussions and group work add positively to their learning experience. Discussing opinions with others, defending their ideas, teaching others and explaining their ideas is a great way for students to deepen their understanding of the material and improve their communication and comprehension skills. Having an instructor present means students can ask for help when they don’t understand and teachers can catch misunderstandings or errors which students may not be aware of. Cons: If your child is struggling with school, then more school is probably not the answer.
Students may feel too shy to ask questions or for additional help when misunderstandings occur. Students can easily lose focus without the teacher noticing as there are other students in the room. It’s summer vacation and if your visions of happy kids enjoying the warm weather outside or idyllic afternoons spent riding bikes and gazing at the clouds have given way to constant arguing and never-ending protestations of “I’m bored!” we have a little help for you.
Teaching your children to love nature is a wonderful gift that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. You can download cooking classes from the internet or just find a recipe that you would like to follow. Using public transport or bicycles, plan a trip for your family around your favorite parts of the city.
Origami is a great way to pass the time and you can find all sorts of interesting items online to help you through each fold.
They say that a change is as good as a holiday and this may be the perfect time for a room makeover. Young children are reaching puberty earlier with the average age dropping from 15 a century ago to 12 today. Research shows that one of the biggest contributing factors to early puberty is the endocrine-disrupting chemicals that are found in our foods, in plastics and in personal care products like shampoos and cosmetics.
Your endocrine system releases hormones which regulate the functioning of your organs, growth and development.
Endocrine-disrupting chemicals are insidious and can be found in everything from shower curtains to canned food. You can reduce the amount of endocrine-disruptors in your home by choosing organic foods and avoiding canned foods, fast food and food that has been treated with chemical pesticides. Another contributing factor to precocious puberty is the consumption of soda and other sugary drinks.
Healthy diets high in organic fruits and vegetables and free of sugary drinks, processed foods and fast food is the best way to ensure that your children develop normally.
The study also found that when class size was reduced, students who were struggling the most got the biggest benefits.
The Tennessee STAR class size reduction program discovered students in small classes performed better in math and reading tests by the end of kindergarten. Wisconsin’s SAGE class size reduction program, targeted at low-income schools, found students outperformed their peers with higher student-teacher ratios. David Zyngier’s 2014 study found overwhelming evidence that small classes reduced the achievement gap. You can opt for private education and select a school where the teacher-student ratio is more favorable. Support the National Education Association lobby to reduce class sizes: You can follow their link here to take action and become a cyber-lobbyist for change and education reform. Get a tutor: If smaller class ratios have such a positive effect on learning, imagine what personalized, one-on-one tutoring can do for your student.
It’s easy for students to blame teachers rather than taking responsibility for their behavior and academic performance. Ask your students for examples of how the teacher didn’t help or when they were inattentive or unfair.
Being involved in your child’s education is the best way to form a positive relationship with teachers. No matter how frustrated you feel, always be polite with your teachers and try to resolve situations rather than making them worse.
Clinical director of the Center for Online Addiction, Kimberly Young, has been investigating teen gaming. Gaming offers a wonderful psychological escape to students and it is this aspect that fuels their addiction. When teens spend more than three hours a day (and more on weekends) playing games, they will be missing out on key social and academic developments and this will have lasting effects. If you suspect that your teen or someone you know may be addicted to gaming, the first thing to do is to begin documenting their possible addiction.
Start by talking to your teen about their addiction and suggest that they take steps to remedy the situation. If your kids are keen to have a pet, but all you can think about is how you will have to feed and care for their furry and feathered friends, there are some benefits that you may not be considering.
This is the obvious one, but having a pet really does teach your children to consider the needs of others when making decisions. Children also learn to plan their day and follow a routine so that they are always home to feed and exercise their pets. Being introduced to pets from an early age can actually boost immune systems which means children have a lower chance of developing allergies and are less likely to have asthma. Having to walk a dog can encourage children to get moving and helps them to control their weight.
Before owning a pet, ask a friend or family member if you can take care of their pet for a couple of days. You can also encourage your child to volunteer at a local shelter or just offer to walk the neighbor’s dog a couple of days a week. If you aren’t ready for the full responsibility of a dog, start with a hamster or a fish to get your students accustomed to the routine and responsibility.
A very impressive young person, who only needs encouragement and support, and she will be one person who does change the world. Being a parent really is the toughest job in the world and most parents have really busy schedules that add to the pressure of family life. Get involved: Teachers understand that parents are busy, but helping out from time to time really eases the burden on teachers and shows your children that you are eager to participate in their lives. Create an environment conducive to learning: Ensure that your student has a quiet place to do their homework and enough time to complete it. Get organized: Teachers understand that you have a busy schedule, but part of the learning experience is mastering the skill of responsibility. To learn more about how Tutor Doctor can help you and your child get organized, visit our X-Skills page.  We have a great program that is specifically tailored to teach children executive skills, such as organization, focus and planning. During the toddler and preschool years, you are laying the groundwork for your child’s reading and writing success — but don’t let that overwhelm you. So instead of providing hard and fast rules, I’ll touch on some ideas that you can do easily to help your child begin to establish early literacy skills.
Young children need to learn early on that print contains a message, there is a world to discover in a book, and reading is fun. It’s important to expose your little one to a variety of genres, including rhyming books, old-fashioned nursery rhymes, fairy tales, alphabet books, label books and poetry. These are fantastic tips Denise, I was going to ask in the comments if you were a teacher, then saw your bio. With today's children overfed yet still undernourished, the prevalence of childhood obesity and related chronic illnesses has experts predicting that this generation might be the first to NOT outlive its parents.
Proper nutrition in the first two years of life is critical to promoting good long-term health, vitality and obesity prevention - yet there is still a great deal of confusion about when to introduce food-based nutrition into babies' diets, and what they should be eating.
Intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains increase during the six to eight month "baby food" window, when baby food is the primary source of these food groups. Research shows that babies have more balanced diets for the short window between six to eight months when they are given baby food. Baby food, whether homemade or store bought, doesn't have to be synonymous with bland, flavorless blends.
Remember that baby food is real food, so the flavors are easy to translate into table food.
When transitioning baby from pureed foods to whole foods, think real - which means foods from the ground or farm.
As parents continue to plan their children's meals, proper nutrition is now of the upmost importance. Growing up with strong parental bonds has been shown to boost the development of literacy in young children, according to research by the Sutton Trust. Another study conducted by the Literacy Trust emphasises the importance of parent-child communication.
Around the age of two to three months there is increased social interaction through eye contact, social smiling and responsive cooing.

During their first 24 months, the home learning environment influences language acquisition and performance at school entry for toddlers. Children who have secure attachments with their parents from a young age are thought to perform better on tasks that relate to working memory and cognitive flexibility when they are school age. While going about your day, talk to your baby about the things that are going on around you and what you’re both doing. Play games that involve sustaining eye contact and changing facial expressions, such as peek-a-boo.
Language development is a natural part of growth for children, but parents can help to support development through communicating regularly with their child even when they are in the womb. Article supplied by Sam Flatman is an outdoor learning specialist and an Educational Consultant for Pentagon Play. Most of the women who are mothers now agree that the entire journey of pregnancy is full of endless-dramas and ups and downs. SO you are not able to put that glass of water down and are constantly trying to stop those hiccups that have actually become somewhat bothersome now. Sometimes, women start watching themselves too closely, and even though they already have hiccups, they will notice them even more now. Some women also say that when they get pregnant, frequent hiccups is one of the earliest signs that tells them so. Well, this is a very common problem and the frequency tends to increase as your pregnancy advances. Drink water:One of the most effective and workable ways to stop the series of hiccups is to drink water.
Try breathing exercises: Breathing exercises have also been proved beneficial for getting rid of a series of hiccups. Suck or nibble on a slice of lime or ginger: Nibbling a wedge of lime or a slice of ginger (fresh) can also help you fight this irritating condition. If you want to raise your kids as early risers, then you must first develop a habit of early sleeping. You can start to work on developing this habit as early as two years of their age or when they start going to a playschool.
Chalk a routine: Get hold of a pen and paper and work out a pattern for your kids to follow during the day. Stress on outdoor play: Children should get enough physical activity during the day like outdoor play or atleast some physical exercise.
Make sure the child is not scared: If they are scared of being left alone, you can may be keep the door open so that they are assured that you are near. Afternoon nap: For toddlers, who take afternoon nap, try to put them to sleep in the early afternoon and at the same time every day. Consult a doctor: Sometimes there are sleep disorders such as Insomnia, Disturbed Sleep, Narcolepsy because of which they are unable to follow the sleep pattern.
And last but not the least, don’t make sudden or drastic changes with kids, start slowly, let them get used to for a few days and progress gradually. Best Options for Summer LearningIf your child is doing a little extra learning this summer to catch up or to move ahead of the class, they have a number of options available to them. Students are able to work at a pace that suits them and the flexibility means that they can balance social lives, sporting commitments and learning far easier than if they had a set classroom schedule. Good distance education facilities offer video lectures that students can watch whenever they need to, flipped classrooms which allow for interaction with other students for discussions and a wealth of online resources for students to draw from. Instructors aren’t there to pick up mistakes or to catch misinterpretations of the material. They may also fail to develop essential critical-thinking skills without the benefit of interacting with their peers.
Only working one-on-one with a tutor will help them to find the missing building blocks and understand difficult concepts. Our list of great activities that don’t cost a fortune will keep those young brains active while restoring the peace and quiet to your lives. Leave plenty of time for wandering through and make it more interesting by watching the movie “A night at the Museum” before you go.
This presents a really wonderful learning opportunity as kids can practice their reading skills by reading recipes aloud and math skills utilizing fractions for measuring the ingredients. You can set out an itinerary, but getting from place to place should be your child’s responsibility. Whether you let them paint a mural on their wall, make new shelves or a new desk to practice their woodworking skills or if you get some fabric to make new curtains, make this a DIY affair. About 1 in a 1000 young boys and girls are experiencing puberty as early as 8 or 9 years old. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals either block or mimic our hormones and prevent normal growth and development and interrupt the proper functioning of vital organs.
A recent study by the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center of 1,200 girls from 2004 and 2011 discovered that obesity contributed significantly to early puberty. You can also opt for household goods and personal care products that are free of BPA, Phthalates and other known endocrine-disruptors.
The National Education Association (NEA) recommends an ideal class size of 15, but with dwindling education budgets this is an unattainable ratio for most school boards.
This not only gives the teacher some much-needed relief, but it also means you get to see what happens in the classroom. Tutor Doctor in-home tutors not only teach to your child’s learning style, they also work to the Academic Game Plan which teaches organizational skills, time management, study skills and task prioritization so that they have the skills they need to succeed at academics and in life.
Being a student is no cake walk, parenting is difficult and teaching isn’t the easiest job in the world, but with a little empathy and understanding, we really can all learn to get along. If you decide to talk to the teacher, it’s best to keep an open mind and allow them to share their views on bad grades or personality conflicts rather than being confrontational.
For some, the camaraderie and communities that online gaming worlds offer fulfill an important social role in their lives.
Like other addictions, she says the telltale signs are whether your teen has a compulsion to play that seems irresistible and if they experience withdrawal symptoms when they aren’t able to play their game. They will suffer from fatigue, their grades will fall, they will drop out of extra-mural activities, they may drift apart from family and friends and will experience isolation.
Having a pet will mean you have more to keep an eye on and there are inevitable expenses, but there are also a wealth of benefits and learning opportunities that having a pet provides for your family.
This helps them with time management and learning to fulfill obligations and responsibilities. Interacting with pets is also good for your health, which is why healthcare facilities encourage visitations from dogs. This will help you to gauge your child’s readiness to accept the responsibility of a new pet.
If your child is already struggling to juggle academics and after-school activities, then opt for a low-maintenance pet that doesn’t require a lot of love and attention. Teachers understand that and they are there to help provide support and structure to your student’s life. Knowing what goes on at school helps you to stay connected with teachers and other parents so that you can create a supportive network with each other. Never ridicule academics or deemphasize the importance of education; your student will learn the value of education from you.
Discuss poor results with teachers to find the underlying cause, then sit down with your student to draw up a plan of action. Parents play the biggest part in teaching students how to effectively manage time, how to organize schedules and keep appointments, how to prepare properly for important upcoming events like tests or projects, how to be organized and how to take responsibility for tasks on their own. When you work together, you can really provide a very effective atmosphere where your students feel secure and happy and where they can learn and excel. There are reams written about early literacy skills and reading development, and we could spend all day discussing research-based ideas, what educators want to see when your child enters school, and things to do to help your child establish early literacy skills.
What I do believe in is creating a literacy friendly environment without judgment, so that your child learns to love books, writing, and creating — not a threatening place where reading, telling stories, and scribbling becomes hard work and not much fun. Cadence of language is important and also helps to engage even the most reluctant and ‘busy’ child.
This means that in addition to reading the text of the story, you can use descriptive phrases to talk about the pictures in the book. Writing is the reading process slowed down, and scribbling is the first stage of this important skill. An easy way to do this is have a box with scrap paper, construction paper, crayons, markers and other writing tools.
Besides learning the alphabet through songs, books, and puzzles, the tactile aspect of magnetic letters is important.
She’s a retired reading teacher and children’s book author who spends her time serving on local boards, entertaining at the lake, and running for political office.
I am looking after my 8 year old brother at the minute and we take it in turns each night to read to each other… something I have been doing since he was little and old enough to read a simple book. The analysis showed that on any given day only 40 percent of babies are eating vegetables, and most get only about one-third the recommended amount of whole grains.
Just like you wouldn't enjoy a plate of beige food without seasoning, your baby wouldn't either. Use baby food as a primer, so your baby isn't reacting to new flavors, textures and temperatures all at once. While packaged goods have their place in the diet, and can save time and mess, they can often be high in sodium and added sugar with little to no nutrition value.
Sam has been designing playgrounds for the past 10 years and has a passion for outdoor education. Hiccups, heartburn, belching, swollen feet and hands, weight-gain, even projectile vomiting are some of the fellow travelers of pregnancy. Hiccups become just unbearable when they occur while you are sleeping, eating or talking to someone.

Because women become hyper concerned of any changes happening to them when pregnant, they tend to think that hiccups are a new thing to them. Babies too go through pretty much the same phase inside the womb, but unlike the mother who is likely to experience severe hiccuping in the first trimester, babies hiccup more during the last trimester. You can make a mixture of lime juice, ginger and honey and drink it as fast as possible, but don’t choke yourself. They are certainly annoying but they do not indicate anything is wrong with you or with your baby, and they will go away on their own. Moreover, kids who stay hooked to tabs and mobiles do not get tired or fatigued easily, because of the lack of physical activity. Make sure your child spends some time on the playground running and playing with other kids.
Yeah, we all do, but if you want to inculcate the habit of getting up early in your kids, you must wake them up at the same time every day.
We look at the pros and cons of each approach to help you make the choice that will help them succeed. Find a tutor who integrates executive skills training into their tutoring sessions so that your student isn’t just gaining knowledge, they are learning the skills they need to be effective independent learners.
This will teach them to read a map, navigate by themselves, ask for directions and remember local landmarks. Use this opportunity to explain basic aerodynamics and other scientific principles that govern flight. The process of researching possibilities, making plans, buying materials and making their new rooms will occupy their summer days and help them to personalize their spaces. Early onset puberty (also known as precocious puberty) has a number of troubling side effects which include a greater risk of anxiety and depression, eating disorders, thyroid problems and cancer.
There is much you can do to effect change within the school system and help your student to achieve despite large class sizes. Volunteering helps to build a positive relationship between teachers and parents and creates a community of learning. Students can be harsh critics so try to get a better idea of what is really going on in the classroom before you confront the teacher. Get involved in after-school activities and special events so that you can see what’s really going on. Teaching your child how to navigate these relationships and resolve conflict is a wonderful life skill to have. Try to avoid being confrontational with teachers; instead work together to resolve the situation. While many teens can play a couple of hours of games a week and successfully balance school, social time and family, for others it can be a compulsion that prevents development in essential areas. As they develop a social circle of supportive, admiring team members, they will spend more and more time in a fantasy world where they are respected and accepted.
List favorite activities that they no longer participate in because they are spending all their time gaming. Do not get a pet unless you are absolutely sure it’s the right thing for you and your family. When teachers and parents work together, they can optimize education and provide a really effective support network for kids to excel.
Teachers have really great insight into what is happening socially and academically with your student.
Support academics as an essential component of success and provide your students with everything they need to do their homework and study for tests. When students are part of these discussions and participate in creating a plan to overcome issues, they are far more likely to take ownership and responsibility. Establishing schedules and structure will mean your students feel more secure and you aren’t running around at 5am trying to finish your child’s science project. Furthermore, by 12 months, infants and toddlers are consuming more than five teaspoons of added sugar and more than 1500 milligrams of sodium a day (which is the recommended limit for adults). As you transition to table foods, continue to include a variety of fruits and vegetables that your child enjoyed in the pureed version, gradually increasing the texture over time. Think of feeding your babies real food that adults would eat (prepared in safe consistencies for babies, of course!) that are filled with flavor, texture, color and some fun.
Sam believes that outdoor learning is an essential part of child development, which can be integrated into the school curriculum. By the time you will have a tot running around the house, you would also have realized the same. They not only affect your health, but also your social life – stealing away mental peace sometimes. This happens because of the hormonal and motility changes your body undergoes during pregnancy.
Though they agree that shortness of breath can be a symptom of pregnancy, and hiccups may be related to swallowing of more air than required. The baby is constantly drinking the amniotic fluid, and there are pretty good chances that the fluid enters his lungs, causing hiccups.
However, it is always a wise decision to seek medical advice if there is anything that is bothering you or making your uncomfortable. One of the easiest among them is inhaling the air, holding it for a while and exhaling it slowly. That’s why we want our kids to develop the habit of going early to bed and rise early.
This will give you better insight and will help you to more effectively deal with the situation. This means you have to be a good example so try to resolve the situation without losing your cool. Once you have established what the problem is, discuss possible solutions with your child and role play scenarios. If you see any attempt at resolution from the teacher or student, offer appreciation and encouragement. When they are drawn out of this world, it is as traumatic as if they just lost all their friends and were ripped from the communities in which they felt they belonged. You should also list problems that result from gaming, times they lied about gaming and their reaction to limitations placed on the amount of time they spend gaming. Here is how to best help your teachers to create a positive and healthy environment for learning. Communicating effectively and in a healthy, friendly way will ensure that you are always up-to-date with what is influencing your child and how to help them to optimize their learning experience.
If you’re interested in learning more about interactive reading, check out The Incredible Years by Dr.
It doesn’t matter if no one really knows what the picture is, he knows and he has had a chance to tell his version. You’re not going to find any propaganda about extreme parenting styles here — just helpful information for busy moms who believe in common sense and want to make their lives easier, not harder. The more exciting the nutritious food, the more likely they will eat it - and even seek it - beyond their baby years.
Out of all the issues related with pregnancy, hiccups are the one of the most troublesome and extremely uncomfortable ones. Many women consider them to be a symptom of a healthy pregnancy, but it is not necessarily a sign that everything is perfect down there. You won’t believe but the rates of air in and air out increases manifolds, say around 30 to 40 per cent. No, you need not worry, as this is perfectly normal and your baby will not be choked as his supply of oxygen is met by the placenta itself.
It’s very easy to cultivate a habit in early childhood because habits formed in childhood remain with us whole life. This article will help you understand why the kids don’t want to sleep early and how to make them early risers since beginning.
You can combine this with a scavenger hunt or take it into the woods with a compass for older kids.
For example, if you realize that the teacher is getting frustrated because your child is disruptive, or they aren’t focusing, ask your child to concentrate more in class. When teachers and parents communicate, they can work together to offer support and find the best ways to overcome behavioral and academic difficulties. Carolyn Webster-Stratton, who feels it’s important to encourage your child to be an active participant in the reading process.
While you may want to avoid spicy foods, global flavors like curry, cumin and ginger are great ways to expand your baby's palate early on!
Nor is it worrisome to set of off panicking, and this post will just ease your anxiety on hiccups during pregnancy. This brings in a lot of oxygen to the body helping it function efficiently, but also hiccups. Infact, these repetitive jerks down there indicate that all is well and the baby is growing normally.
Ask the teacher to move them to the front of the class or away from the window so that they have less distractions. After all, giving birth to a new life is really a big deal and a moment to be cherished for the lifetime.

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