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Stay-at-Home Mom & Entrepreneur Shares How-to’sDreaming of launching a business from your home? If you’re thinking about starting a home-based business, she shares some tips for laying the groundwork.
You need to be able to easily explain your idea (product or service) in one or two sentences because that’s all you’ll get to “sell” it to customers, investors and the media, including bloggers who you seek out for reviews. The list might be a series of questions whose answers will be the basis for your business plan.
Naming the company after your product or service seriously limits future expansion (remember – it’s important to think ahead!) Naming it after yourself or giving it a one-word, made-up name allows you to expand into other products, services, and even industries. Renae Christine is the owner of by Renae Christine, a company that has launched several successful businesses and has helped launch dozens more for others.

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You’ll join an ever-growing number of entrepreneurs, according to a broad new report based on 6,000 surveys. If you can’t explain it well in two sentences, either work on a simpler way to describe it or come up with a new idea. You can be successful in any of these scenarios, if you know where your idea falls and strategize appropriately.
They might include – but by no means are limited to: What are you going to sell and for how much? A journalist, she’s known for her popular YouTube videos (search Rich Mom Business channel), which use humor and pragmatism to advise others who want to launch home-based businesses.

If it’s been done, search for competitors and see how many they are, what they’re doing, and how you might innovate to provide something even better, whether it’s product quality or service. The list may seem daunting, but take time to make each decision one at a time and soon, you’ll see your business taking shape.

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