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And if you’re a parent, especially a working parent, the clock is ticking to get your summer plans in order. Maybe you work from home, or part-time, or perhaps you will be in the office daily during the summer break.
Identify special summer performances or celebrations you’d like to attend and immediately drop them into your own personal and work calendars.
So start sniffing your suntan lotion for inspiration and jump on the summer-planning scheduling. My husband and I both work full time, year round, although my schedule is a little more forgiving in the summer.
The keys to getting your kid ready for summer camp without driving yourself nuts are to start early and stay calm. There’s not much I can add to the packing list your summer camp has already provided you. Kids get dirtier and wetter at camp than anyone expects, and you never know what the laundry situation will be. This one’s a toughie, because you want your kid to be able to reach you in an emergency. About Asha DornfestAsha Dornfest is a writer, parent, and insistent optimist living in Portland, Oregon. And she has already been counting down to the day we head to the airport, and she doesn’t leave until July! You must be in your seats 5 minutes prior to showtime or your seats will be given to those waiting guests.
If you need to leave during the presentation, please see an attendant at the top of the stairs. Nikita, the Kansas City Zoo Polar Bear, makes his home at the Polar Bear Passage just past the entrance to the zoo. Every day, from Memorial Day through Labor Day, we'll share a new idea for family-friendly Summer Fun in Kansas City!
Thus, he is off for the summer to watch the kids and shuttle them from swim lessons to soccer camps to outings at the park.
Is it a week at Scout camp, or the opportunity to train at an elite sports academy, or maybe a summer preparing for a big community theater performance? While it might seem you have months to plan, the best camps and time slots get snatched up quickly. As excited as your child may be to attend a special camp, it is always nice to go with a friend. In the midst of all of the camp chaos, try to take some time to vacay with your own family. Summer camp can do wonders for kids’ self-confidence and independence, not to mention being a blast for both of you (hello kid-free time!).

For more about how (and why) I work with sponsors and affiliates, see my Sponsored Content FAQ. Consider this a gentle, no-guilt reminder that the more worked up you get about packing, the more likely your kid will pick up on your tension.
Packing for summer camp is a big job, and expecting yourself to do it with a smile on your face the entire time is unrealistic.
If she needs practice combing her long hair or handling basic cleanup chores, give her the time to learn.
She is the author of PARENT HACKS, co-author of MINIMALIST PARENTING, and co-host of the Edit Your Life podcast. This will be the third year that she has done it solo, with extremely minimal parental supervision. Honestly the reminder to not get worked up about packing is right up my alley, and it’s a great point that kids will pick up on that.
As one of the most popular attractions in town, we're excited that the Zoo is always expanding and improving for visitors.
The Kansas City Zoo is large and it is difficult to see it all in a day, your children will be tired if you do!
All of these shows are worth watching and it's a must to grab a schedule at the entrance to plan your day with a few shows in mind.
The exhibit is home to African animals who enjoy a wonderful and large natural environment. Riders view the giraffes, zebras, antelope, cheetahs, rhinos, birds, and more from an up-close view above the treetops unlike any other.
Festivals, fairs, swim beaches, boating, museums, free family fun, and super fun ways to play all right at your fingertips! Camps and classes can add up, so chat with your kids about the one or two experiences they will most treasure, and start by financing those. Plus, if you are coordinating schedules for multiple kids, you need to be even more organized.
Especially if you are signing your child up for a sleep-away camp, having a buddy can ease homesickness and nerves. Of course your kids will want someone to attend, so make sure a parent can accommodate and enjoy the celebration. All the more reason to spread the job out over a long time, and break it into manageable 15-minute chunks.
If the cabins are rustic, I might make an exception for a good-quality sleeping bag (staying warm and comfortable at night is crucial to one’s happiness at camp), but otherwise, head to Goodwill. I pretty much do what she says when it comes to getting organized, so I went ahead and bought a pack for each kid. The obvious electronic distraction would take away from the camp experience, and the direct line home makes homesickness last longer.

I print the list and she checks things off as she packs them, letting me know if she needs anything.
But you pointed out some good things about why it can be important for the overall camp experience. He currently weighs over 700 pounds and enjoys about 16 pounds of fish, 5 pounds of dog food and 1.5 pounds of lard each day.
While the wide open spaces prove to be fabulous for the animals, it can sometimes pose a problem for zoo guests who want that up-close view of a cheetah or a zebra. The ride is peaceful and serene, offering a great view of animals as they eat, drink, and play. If an experience is ultra-expensive, consider having your child work to raise funds so they understand the investment. And unless your child is going to camp every week, you might need to arrange childcare for select days or weeks.
Know that the camp staff are professionals when it comes to keeping kids safe, and at communicating when there’s a problem.
The zoo offers viewing decks that offer great views of the animals, and last summer the view got EVEN better. You hear every sound below (we heard chimpanzees hollering in the distance), much like a hot air balloon ride. The Tropics exhibit offers fun views of monkeys as they climb overhead, and children love to play in the Discovery Barn. Letting her do it herself was a little hard, but as I saw that she was completely capable, I made myself back off. The journey crosses approximately 1,500 feet at 35 feet above ground and lasts about 7 minutes. They all exhibit natural skills and the stage is set up to beautifully display the birds and offers many surprises. I recommend bringing cameras and binoculars for the ride (hold on tight) for an even better experience! It’s a lot of juggling and makes me a little bit dizzy, but it eases my mind to know the kids will be well-cared for and having fun all summer.
While it can be painful to plan and prep for a family vacation, especially with younger kids in tow, the memories are priceless. Boat will operate weather premitting starting weekends in April and May, and daily Memorial Weekend through Labor Day weekend.

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