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We have the biggest and best range of publications and other resources on adoption and fostering, designed to provide you with all the information, insight, advice and support you need. Fostering Now presents the law, regulations, standards and guidance relating to fostering in England today in easily digested bite-sized chunks.
Life Story Work lays the foundations of approaching life story work with children and introduces the whys, whats, hows and whens of doing it. This new Good Practice Guide explores the benefits and challenges of foster carers adopting children in their care. NEW 2016 EDITION In this remarkable and inspirational book, Kate and Brian Cairns draw upon the wealth of their personal and professional experience to offer an insight into the realities of family life with children who have lived through overwhelming stress.
If you have been bullied or someone you know is or has been affected by bullying, there are lots of people out there who can help.
Kidscape offers a range of training and support to children, parents and professionals; giving them the skills and confidence to challenge bullying and abuse in all its forms. If you're being bullied or are troubled by something, CyberMentors is where you can go for help.

Victim Support is the independent charity for victims and witnesses of crime right across England and Wales. CANparent is a consortium of parenting organisations that provide group and online classes to parents and adult carers to learn tips and techniques to help with everyday situations. The Metropolitan Police is not responsible for pages maintained by external providers or for the content held within them.
It explores when to start, how to communicate with children and help them talk about their feelings, how to work with particular groups of children and how to use life story work in different settings.
It uses a wealth of research evidence, case studies and firsthand accounts to address key questions and reflect on the “practice wisdom” that has previously steered practice in this area.
Click on the links to find out more about our key titles covering subject matter suitable for adoptive parents, social workers and adopted children.
Might they be interested in peer support?  RNIB's Talk and Support service runs a free telephone social group for parents and parents to be with sight loss. The charity provides practical information and advice to young people and their parents through its website and via email.

CANparent allows a chance to discuss challenges with other parents in a supportive environment. The sites listed above have been identified as useful resources for providing additional information on some of the topics discussed on this site. The phone group was set up as an outlet for parents, both mums and dads, so that they can share their experiences, information and practical advice and offer peer support.
Their support includes work with schools, youth organisations, police forces and health trusts, running workshops and speaking at conferences. Parenting isn’t just about the struggles – it’s nice to be able to share the positives too in a safe forum. Jane says, "You don't always know what to expect; there's always a facilitator so everybody can join in and have their say.

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