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Most babies in the first year of their life spend their time learning about the world around them and becoming acquainted with themselves.
Extremely gifted children have been known to do very unusual things for a baby of their age. Another thing that many parents need to keep in mind is that a gifted child is not necessarily a child who excels in school or academic pursuits. The idea of different types of intelligence is often referred to as the theory of multiple intelligences. So, what should you do to ensure that your baby has the best chances of excelling in whatever talent they possess? Encouraging your child means providing them with the means for them to feel confident in their talents and gifts, whatever that may be. Pushing your child means forcing your child to sit while you teach them to read with flash cards. Parents like to compare notes with each other and every one wants to have the smartest baby.
When he feels out of control with toddler behavior, at least he learns he can trust in you as his parents to maintain control for him.
Be clear about setting limits and don't give in to his temper tantrums when he sets out to test these limits. Is it because you are embarrassed and ashamed, or do you fear that they are out of your control? The Golden Rule For Dealing With Toddler BehaviorIt seems to me that the best rule of thumb to follow when we are unsure about any of our reactions and responses as parents is to follow the golden rule. Because children are people too, I believe that children have the right to be treated as I like to be treated. I do not like being ignored, bullied, shamed, threatened, smacked, ridiculed or laughed at. It is hard work to be keeping company with an exuberant, aggressive, angry toddler, but be assured that as you respond to them with supportive, calm, consistent, positive attention they will learn to control their out of control emotions. Maintain authentic expression of your own emotions instead of masking them, pretending, stifling, acting and repressing them.

Communicate with your toddler by expressing your own emotions clearly and genuinely in safe and effective ways. Aggression in Children Aggression in children is part of their normal pattern of development.
Young children can act aggressively when things don't go their way - they lash out, bite, kick, hit and punch - all highly embarrassing to their parents! Toddler Tantrums - Dealing with toddler temper tantrums, rage and sudden displays of anger, will be much easier for us if we disabuse ourselves of the whole idea that expressing anger is wrong. Think about how you’d like to be addressed, and use that much respect in your tone with your child.
Allow for child development while you create your expectations.  If you need some guidance on this for teens, click here.
While your child may very well aspire to greatness in a few short years, right now they are simply aspiring to be a baby.
Intellect should not be measured simply by a child's abilities in reading, writing and math. Recognizing that there is more than just academic smarts, multiple intelligences encourages the development of a wide range of skills.
Talk shows, newspapers, and magazines all seem to report on a regular basis about a new wonder child that has achieved great things by their impossibly young age. The majority of parents hope to be able to discover these talents as soon as possible so that they can begin to nurture and encourage their child's ability. However, there is no other way a child can learn for himself what limits and boundaries are unless they are pushed against, tried and experimented with. When your child bites, he is telling you in the only way he knows, that something is bothering him.
The media is well aware of the "super baby" phenomenon and reports on it every chance they get.
Encourage your child in what interests them; don't push or force a talent that you would like them to have.
If you ignore your child's protests over a selected activity, you may end up fostering hatred towards a particular talent.

However, some parents hope to create a "super baby" by forcing their child to take up a skill, such as playing piano. Your child may be the next Picasso, but at four months old she still needs to master the art of sitting up before she can master holding a paintbrush. Someone may be a genius when it comes to building a bridge or a computer chip, but place them in the kitchen and they won't be able to tell you a pot from a pan.
Gifted babies come from gifted parents who love their child for who they are, not who parents hope they'll be. However, if you really think that your child may be gifted, there are some signs that your child may show during their first year that could be a sign of things to come. However, they were late bloomers in everything, not even learning how to talk until they were almost three.
While helping them overcome their difficulties in school, look to encourage any talents they may have that are not school related. While a parent may have the best of intentions, a forced talent is not necessarily an enjoyed talent in your child's eyes.
Unfortunately, this over reporting often encourages parents to push their child to achieve what these other children have.
There are many sad stories about various child prodigies whose lives have been ruined for one or another because of their parents pushing.
Allowing your child to see that they are clever in other pursuits outside of school will help to give them more self-confidence.
While these stars certainly showed a natural gift early in life, they are the exception to the rule.

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