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One of the most important things that you should learn as a parent is how to transform your child's misbehaviour into great behaviour. You need to know that your child has a unique personality that will remain with her for the rest of her life. Simply giving your child spontaneous expressions of appreciation or acknowledgement when she is not misbehaving will act as a reinforcer for good behaviour.
It is very common for children who are otherwise ignored by their parents to turn to misbehaviour as a way of seeking attention.
On the other hand, you may wait until your child calms down and speaks politely, then reward the more polite behaviour with the attention.
It is essential to also praise your child for every good attempt she makes, regardless if she actually succeeded or not.
If she is praised for trying hard, she will learn a valuable lesson for life, that effort and perseverance are more important than instant success.
Over praising can have a negative effect on your child, setting her up for dishonest and unrealistic expectations.
On the other hand, proportional and honest praise will encourage your child to believe in the value of a job well done.
Your child can develop her values and morals through the discipline that has been introduced to her by you.
Children love to repeat the same behaviour if they are being appreciated by someone especially their mothers.

By giving her positive appreciations and awards when she does something good, she will definitely continue to do it over and over again. By doing this, bad habits will lessen and can be totally eradicated through time if proper discipline will be imposed continuously.
It might be a simple reward to you but for her, it is already a big deal to receive something from you due to her effort in doing good things. If you are searching for practical parenting skills, buying parenting with love and logic book is a must. Your relationship with your child will be improved and you will indeed feel the joy of being a parent. With shared parenting, your child will still feel that she has a mother and a father since she can spend time with each of them.
One of the facts about single parenting is that single parents have the tendency to give in to the demands of their children to show their love. One important baby parenting tip is that you should breastfeed your baby as much as possible. Always remember that you have to extend your patience and understanding when parenting troubled teen. A single parenting advice you should keep in mind is that you should stay positive at all times and be someone better. Toddlers like to imitate older people and their parents are the most important people in their life.

In parenting adult children the bottom line is that you should always respect their decisions and you have to know your boundaries.
Belittling and embarrassing your child in front of other people or not are forms of emotional abuse which are extreme examples of poor parenting. Studies have shown that a child can grow better emotionally and psychologically with joint parenting than single parenting. The best parenting advice will always be opening your mind and filling them with knowledge about proper and right ways of parenting. Parenting programs will guide you on what are the specific parenting styles you should use in disciplining your children without having so much negative effect on them. On a family vacation, a good way to approach it is to try and get everyone thinking in terms of being a team. Click any of the links above to be notified automatically every time a new page is added to our site.
If you take care of her and give her needs, she will grow to be a good and successful person.

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