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June 19, 2014 by Jennifer Fishkind Filed Under: Family Tips, Popular Posts 21 Comments Share28 Pin736 Yum +1 Tweet EmailShares 764All moms have experienced it. I asked all of you for the stupidest unsolicited parenting advice you have received and let me say, you did not disappoint – far from it! B) That having my kids so close would cause all of them to have emotional problems because I couldn’t give them the attention they needed. C) By not having my son circumcised, there is evidence that he will be more prone to same sex attraction.
When my son was 2-ish we were in line at grocery store and he wanted corn nuts, not having enough teeth at that age I say no he thirties himself on the floor starts a fit and the lady behind me offers to buy them for him and said I was mean! I was having a hard time breast feeding and someone told me that if I was going to be a stay at home mom I better figure it out because there’d be no point in me being a stay at home mom if I didn’t. Sign up for the Princess Pinky Girl Newsletter and automatically receive our latest & greatest delivered right to your inbox! I was shopping with my at the time 2 year old years ago when I received unsolicited parenting advice. After having some breast feeding issues with my first child, my now ex-husband, said he read an article stating that the greatest athletes had been bottle fed. When my oldest daughter was just 9 weeks old I was told I couldn’t call her gorgeous because it would go to her head. I either raised my son in a different kind of area or I just looked meaner than most people because i never had any strangers give me advice about my baby! I am truly appalled that anyone would hand out parenting advice to someone they didn’t know!!

One time when we were camping, we were sitting out at the pool and my step-son decided to get mouthy with me.
Good advice I received was from my husbands Baba, “hold them when they cry, hug them and kiss them as much as you can, they will not be babies long” how true is that!
This didn’t happen to me, but one of my aunts, way before spanking became child abuse, had her son in a clothing store.
Apologize to your child, no matter what age, when you screw up so that they learn to take responsibility for their mistakes. Always consider why you are about to say no… and say yes instead if no has just become a habit. There were SO many great advice posts on my wall, I had a really hard time narrowing it down!!!
Fashion, food, kids, DIY, good books, good movies, good TV and PINTEREST, of course are my passions!! A lady told my husband we had to stop her from doing that because it would cause other developmental problems. Follow Princess Pinky Girl on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for all of the newest recipes, crafts, travels and updates! I was 21 and I do look young but doesn’t help comments from people that don’t know you at all! I was told by my MIL that my husband was allergic to humidity growing up and that our baby may be as well.
When children are little there should be boundaries to help guide children and as they get older we widen the boundaries.

Well my step-son wanted to keep it up so my husband grabbed him by the arm to take him into the bathroom and have a more private discussion with him rather than yelling at him in front of the other families at the pool. Some people get it wrong and start with the cone upside down, giving their children too much freedom so as their children get older they try and reign them in and it doesn’t work. Some lady walks in and says if you put him in strips he’s gonna end up in strips in jail.
We ended up walking out of the stall and this other woman got in my face and told me she was going to call CPS on me for talking to my daughter like that and that my daughter was going to be scarred for life for having a mother like me. Well a little old lady followed him into the bathroom and told him she was going to report him for child abuse. Some random stranger saw her spank him and went up to her, saying that she shouldn’t spank him, that it was abuse.
I wish now i could go back to that time and let her know I was only trying to calm my daughter down so she wouldn’t end up having an accident in front of people and getting completely embarrassed. I was so angry couldn’t imagine that some stupid person can say that to a little child.

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