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Recently, we had an awesome discussion on our Facebook page about the best parenting advice we ever got. I wish I has prepped a week forth of healthy meals and snacks ahead of time & stocked up my fridge. Latest from Cool Mom Tech4 great speakers for outdoor entertaining this summer, from waterproof to washable. Which led to some insightful, honest, and often hilarious contributions from our own community. Ask yourself whether what you are upset about will be important in five years or even in five minutes.

It’s perfectly okay to abandon a shopping cart full of groceries if your baby gets fussy.
Buy a pair of nice cotton pajamas and wear them for two weeks after birth to remind your family that you’re still recovering. Just when you think you’ve reached the best milestone with your baby, it keeps getting better. Beware of everyone who wants to tell you the right way to do things: breast feeding, foods, sleeping arrangements.
Airline attendants tell the adult passengers to put their own oxygen masks on before helping small children.

It’s okay to let a baby cry for two minutes if you need to pee or to make a sandwich. Nothing worst than being stuck at the supermarket with leaking breasts and screaming newborn & nowhere else to go in a cold December night.

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